your horoscope for Thursday June 30, 2022

your horoscope for Thursday June 30, 2022

This period of New Moon put you in a romantic and intimate mood. Mars in Aries makes a difficult aspect to Pluto this week and powers up several Zodiac signs. This prevents them from appreciating the beauty of life!

Jupiterwho finds himself in a show-off mood, inflates the ego with two signs that will be almost unbearable today!

The Moon, still in the constellation of Cancer will sweeten the day for water signs, and boost the creativity of most other signs.

The effects of yesterday’s New Moon will be present all week and will help you with matters related to moving and buying goods. Saturn which forms only beneficial angles on this day, will help you find measure and control of your day. Discover sign by sign what your horoscope has in store for you.

Horoscope for Thursday June 29, 2022: Love, health, work…


Your ruling planet Mars is highly aspected today. A difficult aspect to Pluto found in the sign of Capricorn brings tension and stress to your day. Fortunately, the planet Saturn which influences you positively will give you a comforting refuge from a friend.


Today, your emotions are intense, but you are not getting overwhelmed. You feel the need to be stimulated emotionally and you will find an answer in accordance with this desire. Venus in a beneficial aspect to Jupiter gives you the confidence to strike a golden deal.


Yesterday’s New Moon asked you to rethink the way you produce and manage your wealth and finances. Use the positive aspect of Jupiter to Venus in your sign today to put a plan of action into action that will increase your earnings.


An opportunity for your career could emerge unexpectedly today. Be on the lookout for this chance, as it might be disguised and hard to spot.


This day finds you dreamy and melancholic. Are you thinking of spicing up your life and your daily life? A trip abroad could be the solution! Think about this idea which is not so crazy after all, thanks to Jupiter, it could very well happen!


Mars and Jupiter make you feel like you’re going through an existential crisis right now. Try to see the situation from the outside. Pretend to be someone else and observe your situation. You will see that the problem will look much more insignificant this way.


You are still as determined to find love as you were yesterday. But watch out for your ruling planet in aspect to Venus. She will give you crazy sex appeal, but no measure to your ego. Avoid talking too much about your charms, moderation and elegance will make the difference.


The area of ​​health in your birth chart is under stress today. Try to do activities that relax you, and if that’s not possible take ten minutes to breathe and cool down. Don’t neglect your health, it’s a day to watch it.


This day will see you using your creativity harmoniously and consciously. You will succeed in expressing escaped emotions and innovating in your field. If Jupiter, your ruling planet, can induce you to excess, it will not affect your talents and abilities.


This morning you woke up with a romantic spirit. Impossible ? Wait until the end of the day and we’ll talk about it. The Moon in Cancer in your house of marriage and relationships indicates that you want to love and be loved. Let yourself be carried away by this feeling, it could bring you delicious moments!


Thanks to Saturn in your sign, which dialogues harmoniously with Mercury, you will succeed in communicating your ideas in the most efficient and methodical way. Try to stay true to yourself in your words, because the words you will let loose in nature will follow you for a long time. Avoid regretting them in the future!


The creative impulse of the New Moon will follow you throughout the rest of the week. Continue to activate the realization of personal projects, but try to remain realistic and not to put your foot in the accelerator continuously. Wanting to move forward is good, but you shouldn’t cut corners. Stay calm and zen.

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