your daily horoscope for Thursday August 18, 2022

your daily horoscope for Thursday August 18, 2022

It looks like the weather will be stormy for a few more days, but several beneficial aspects in the sky will ease the spirits!

Pluto, Mercury, Neptune and the Moon are connected to benefit our human consciousnesses today!

The Moon in Taurus joins on this day, Uranus and the North Nodethus creating a strong need for freedom and of independence. Be careful, because the sign of Taurus is fixed, and can give you a feeling of loss and helplessness when you free yourself.

In the evening, when the Moon kisses Pluto, you will see things more clearly and peacefully.

Freedom is knowing how to recognize what is necessary. –Friedrich Engels

Beautiful day under the blue sky!

Horoscope for Thursday August 18, 2022: love, health, work…


Unforeseen expenses may arise on this day. Your astrological zone of finances is very populated today. The Moon, Uranus and Mars could make you impulsive and lead you to make bad decisions in this area today. Watch your wallet!


Your constellation is home to many planets today, dear Taurus. This celestial population will make you feel mixed emotions. A sudden need for independence could win you over. Saturn and the Sun in hard aspect will ask you to justify yourself rationally. Be convinced of your feelings, and listen to yourself.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, makes great aspects with Uranus and the Moon today. This will give you an aura of intelligence and understanding with others. Use this day to find innovative solutions to your problems. Your brain will be on the run!


Dear Crab, today is the perfect day to improve your social ties, thanks to the Moon, your ruling star. If you have the opportunity to see your friends and show them your affection, do it. Otherwise, a message or a call will do! But don’t forget to do it!


Venus and Jupiter connect today to give you a hell of a Mojo. Be sure of yourself, and draw on your life experience to conquer your target. Your charm will do the rest. The hunt is on !


Stay attentive today to the messages of the Universe. Thanks to your ruling planet, Mercury, in your sign which makes a connection with Neptune and Pluto, you will pick up many hidden signs that will reveal themselves to you. Be careful not to lose touch with what surrounds you, the return to reality could hurt!


Jupiter in your astrological zone of love assures you of success today, but only if you decide to take action and take the lead ! We know it’s not always easy, but here, there is no failure in sight on the horizon. Go for it, the stars support you!


Your ruling planet, Pluto, is very well aspected today. Your imagination is fertile and you can use it to create a reality according to your dreams and desires, if you wish. Mars, your nocturnal master, will help you consider realizing all this in a serious and real way. Be confident, dreams come true!


Friend Centaur, you are helped today by the two beneficial planets of the zodiac. Take advantage of the presence of Jupiter in your house of expression and creativity, in harmony with Venus to dream bigger. Be realistic, ask for the impossible.


Saturn, your planetary ruler, continues to be in tension with the Sun and Uranus. It’s hampering your self-confidence a bit. Fortunately, the Moon will help you see the bright side of things. Get closer to your loved ones, right now they will have the right words to make you feel better.


Your emotional compass will be out of whack today as the Moon joins your planetary ruler, Uranus, in the sign of Taurus. Take a deep breath and try to regain your balance. Fortunately, the star of the night moves quickly and this feeling of instability will dissipate this evening!

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You will be able today, dear Pisces, to get in touch with all the goodness of your heart. Neptune, Pluto and Mercury will ask you to communicate your feelings in order to consolidate the emotional bonds that nourish your life. Don’t keep anything for yourself, the love you give will come back to you tenfold!

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