WWE NXT Results for September 6, 2022

WWE NXT Results for September 6, 2022

WWE NXT, Orlando, Florida

The commentators are Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett.

– Tonight is WWE NXT 2.0. The show kicks off with a video of the events at Worlds Collide last Sunday, results here.

Tyler Bate then enters the ring. Bate takes the mic and says he wants to thank everyone. He wants to thank everyone who came to the show on Sunday and everyone who has supported NXT UK from the start. He also wants to thank Bron Breakker. Breakker has proven to the world that he doesn’t just have the name ‘Breakker’, but he can break by nature. He would have liked to unify the titles, but he is grateful to have shared this magical moment with all of us.

Bate says his name has respect in the records as the first and last NXT UK champion. He hopes to have represented NXT UK from its best angle. Bate is cut off by the Gallus Clan arriving in the ring. Joe Coffey says it ends tonight. Mark says they should apologize to everyone in the UK. Joe says Bate let the whole of Europe down. He had a job to do and he missed it. Bate should be here as the champion, but what happened to the strong guy? Bate says Worlds Collide didn’t go as expected, but Gallus didn’t deliver the goods either. Where are the team titles?

Joe reminds Bate who he’s talking to. They are three men and Bate is alone. Joe wants to hit him, but Bate dodges and hits him. Joe begins pummeling Bate while Wolfgang and Mark push back from security. The three men then attack Bate and Bron Breaker arrives. Breakker pushes Mark and Wolfgang out of the ring and suplexes Joe. Bate punches Joe out of the ring. Breakker speaks up and says Bate only caused NXT trouble. On Sunday the nations clashed, but tonight the nations will unite. If they want to fight, he’ll be on Bate’s side and he’ll kick their ass.

– Behind the scenes, Pretty Deadly admires the two tag team belts. Elton wonders which one is the prettiest. Elton and Kit also wonder if they’re the best team with what they’ve done. Lash Legend walks in and says Sunday was amazing, but there’s a problem. Elton confirms by saying that everyone wants to face them now.

– Back, we present a video after Worlds Collide where Meiko Satomura says she is proud despite her defeat. Cora Jade arrives and challenges her, but Satomura refuses since she already has a match against someone respectable, Roxanne Perez.

Tag Team Match

Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin vs. Doudrop and Nikki ASH

At the end of the fight, Dolin kicks Doudrop and goes Cross Body, but Doudrop catches him and gives him a Michinoku Driver. Doudrop continues with his Cross Body for the count of three while Nikki had attacked Jayne in ringside.

Winners: Doudrop and Nikki ASH

– We present a video on Apollo Crews which explains that the true character of a man is seen in the face of defeat. The first poke in the eye may have been accidental, but the second was not. Grayson Waller tried to blind him. He is not afraid of the unknown despite his poor vision. Crews shows his red eye.

Singles Match

JD McDonagh vs Wes Lee

At the end of the fight, Lee knocks the Devil Inside down with a Sunset Flip to cover it, but McDonagh resists. McDonagh gets up and kicks Lee to follow up with his Devil Inside for the three count.

Winner: JD McDonagh

– Backstage, Tony D’Angelo and Channing are enjoying coffee and they see Pretty Deadly. Channing offers coffee to the champions. Tony asks how much did it cost on Sunday to have Damon Kemp rip off Diamond Mine, all for free? Kit spits his coffee and says they did this alone, they won by themselves.

Singles Match

Roxanne Perez vs Meiko Satomura

At the end of the fight, Perez manages to block a kick and hits it, but Satomura comes back with a Round Kick. Satomura continues with his Scorpion Rising for the count of three.

Winner: Meiko Satomura

– After the fight, Perez and Satomura congratulate each other on their match. Satomura leaves the ring, but Cora Jade comes out of the crowd and attacks Perez with a Kendo Stick. Satomura quickly returns to the ring, but Jade flees.

– Behind the scenes, Tyler Bate thanks Bron Breakker for helping him against Gallus. Breakker says he wants to show Bate he’s NXT and they need to kick Gallus’ ass.

– Behind the scenes, Damon Kemp says everyone was talking about him on Sunday. That wasn’t how it started. How did he do ? The Creed Brothers became the most dominant duo and what thanks did they get? None ! Roderick Strong didn’t give him a single match. He was told to be ready when they need him. He beat Brutus in middle school and Julius is jealous because Strong likes him more. Ivy Nile had more respect in the group. He attacked Diamond Mine for what they did. He destroyed Roderick Strong in the parking lot. He gave the Creeds one more chance to accept him, but they refused. This moment caused the loss of the titles to the Creeds. The sound of the chair on Julius’ back marks the moment Diamond Mine ended. It’s not Diamond Mine forever, it’s Damon Kemp forever.

– The Schisms always want to recruit talent behind the scenes. Kiana James arrives. Jagger stops her saying she seems to need a guide. James tells them to keep looking and refuses. James meets Arianna Grace and offers to help her.

Singles Match

Ricochet vs. Trick Williams accompanied by Carmelo Hayes

At the end of the fight, Ricochet does a Springboard Clothesline to Williams and continues with his Recoil. Ricochet gets on the corner and does his Shooting Star Press for the three count.

Winner: Ricochet

– Behind the scenes, Tony D and Channing are still talking about Pretty Deadly. Cameron Grimes walks past and Tony asks him if he’s made up his mind. Grimes says the answer is no and will remain no. He doesn’t need anyone and he doesn’t need them. Tony says the last two who refused aren’t here anymore. Grimes says he’s not like them. Channing says people have respect for them. Grimes throws his coffee at Lorenzo, but Tony and Channing catch him and throw him across the table.

– We present a promo video on Sol Ruca coming soon to NXT 2.0.

– Backstage, McKenzie is with the Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile for their reaction. Brutus says he wants to break Damon Kemp’s face for what he’s doing. McKenzie announces to them that they will have a rematch for the titles. Julius says they are fueled by fire. Brutus says they’ll fix what Kemp did and they’ll win the titles. Pretty Deadly arrives and they announce that fans will be able to choose from their match stipulation to prove themselves for good. Julius says he will take out all his rage on them.

Singles Match – Best of Three Match

Nathan Frazer vs. Axiom

At the end of the fight, Axiom hits Frazer in the head and covers him, but he resists. Axiom follows up with a Jumping Kick and covers it for the win.

Winner: Axiom

– Behind the scenes, Javier Bernal confronts security guards to prove himself. He is quickly put aside since the agents escort Gallus.

– We present a video of Quincy Elliot on a scooter announcing that the Super Diva will be at NXT on September 13th.

– Backstage McKenzie asks Carmelo Hayes for his reaction to the NXT 2.0 One Year Special next week. Hayes says he beat everyone, it’s fine. McKenzie says next week fans will be able to decide his opponent. Hayes says he decides his opponents. McKenzie says he can vote.

Tag Team Match

Mark Coffey and Joe Coffey accompanied by Wolfgang vs. Tyler Bate and Bron Breaker

At the end of the fight, Breakker lifts Mark onto his shoulder and Bate takes the tag to bulldog him and cover him, but he resists. Bate pushes Wolfgang off the apron who wanted to intervene. Breakker continues with a Spear on Joe to take him out. Bate continues with his Clothesline and his Tyler Driver 97 on Mark for the count of three.

Winners: Tyler Bate and Bron Breakker

– After the fight, the winners celebrate, but JD McDonagh arrives and attacks the two men in the back. He finishes with his Devil Inside on Bate and quickly flees into the crowd when Breakker gets up. The show ends like this.

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