Wood heating: in Béarn too, it’s the rush on pellets

Wood heating: in Béarn too, it's the rush on pellets

Faced with this new problem, local resellers remain difficult to reach. “Talking about this shortage would add to this phenomenon and damage the image of…

Faced with this new problem, local resellers remain difficult to reach. “Talking about this shortage would add to this phenomenon and would harm the image of my company, which can no longer supply anything,” slips an employee who anticipates that his company will prefer to remain silent on this subject.

Reserved for customers

Thanks to a well-established organization, Philippe Bernatas always manages to supply his customers. His company BCMB, which specializes in the installation of wood-burning stoves in Morlaàs, can count on a dealer. “But actually I only sell to my customers at the moment. And I also ask them not to panic when they order too many quantities from me in relation to their needs. »

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The reason for this situation? The Russians who no longer supply, installations of devices on the rise… and also speculation with manufacturers who would stockpile. “Fortunately, there will soon be more and more companies capable of manufacturing pellets because the wood stove remains a good solution and makes it possible to recycle wood waste”.

Prices double

The manager of the company “Le Bois des Pyrénées” shares “the great weariness of timber merchants”. “I can’t even answer the phone anymore and my mailbox is constantly overloaded,” he sighs. “I’m overwhelmed with requests, even for the logs! “And he fears to see prices double by this winter for those who manage to be delivered.

The price of a tonne of pellets packaged in 15 kg bags, which cost 280 euros in July 2021, is displayed on certain sales sites in Béarn at 513.21 euros. The bag has thus gone from 4.50 euros last year to 8 euros currently and is already sometimes displayed at 10 euros. We are between 80 and 100% up on the same period last year », recently explained Éric Vial, general delegate of Propellet, the national association of wood pellet heating professionals to Que Choisir magazine.

Too many pellet stoves?

“While the installations of stoves or boilers running on wood pellets continue at a steady pace, the current demand for wood pellets is abnormally high”, was also alarmed by the French Federation of Fuels (FF3C) in a press release. published at the end of August. If this trend continues, the FF3C does not rule out arriving at “a supply deficit of 5% to 15%”, depending on the severity of the winter.

The risk of a complete shortage this winter would however be limited unless overstocking continues. In short, we should keep a cool head.

In recent months, the price of the bag of pellets has been steadily increasing.

In recent months, the price of the bag of pellets has been steadily increasing.

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+ 25% stove installations and Béarnais consumers trapped

During our call for testimonials on our websitethe owners who have freed themselves from gas and electricity to opt for wood-burning stoves and boilers have insisted on denouncing this situation.
“More pellet stoves installed means more requests. And with the difficulties due to the war in Ukraine and the recruitment of suppliers”, an owner based in Rontignon deplores an increase in the price of the bag of at least 30%. He also denounces the drop in the number of references, the impossibility now of storing in stores, “not to mention reservations to be made several months in advance to have the guarantee of purchase of sufficient quantities and even deliveries from suppliers to stores. random! »
A situation that also greatly worries Mathilde in Orthez, because she can no longer obtain quality pellets. “I have to buy ‘non RGE (Recognized guarantors of the environment)’ from Portugal at 5.90 euros a bag to start the winter. Its suppliers also anticipate a sharp rise in prices within a month to end up at 10 euros per bag. “Personally, I won’t be able to afford them and I’ve only had that as a means of heating for 3 years. »
On the Géronce side too, “impossible to find stock, even after trying to place an order in July”, denounces Dominique. “My supplier still doesn’t have a delivery date and I hear about the price of the bag at 12 euros, when it was 4.20 euros! It will be the same problem with the electric car that we sell with a vengeance while the costs are rising sharply!”
It is indeed the new government standards, imposing in particular the end of oil-fired boilers, which encourage owners to equip themselves with pellet stoves and boilers, when they do not opt ​​for the much more expensive heat pump.
Installations of this type of equipment have increased by 25% this year alone. Hence the growing and recent increase in demand from suppliers. In this tense context, the French Fuel Federation also recommends that consumers “defer new installation projects that have not yet been completed” and “not to make any payment for online orders before delivery. ‘they don’t know their supplier’.
It also indicates that delivery should be prioritized to ensure deliveries to regular customers “particularly those whose only source of heating is wood pellets”.

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