“Without the app, I would never have flirted with a guy in a wheelchair”

"Without the app, I would never have flirted with a guy in a wheelchair"
The Big Swipe

The Big Swipe

You necessarily know couples around you who have formed through a dating application. Maybe you have even experienced it. The Big Swipe tells these great stories of love or friendship 2.0 that start with a swipe, a like or just a message.

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Mathilde is 27 years old and was single for 2 years when she registered on Tinder : “I was coming out of a story that had badly finished. I left my ex because I didn’t love him anymore and he took it very badly. I lost a lot of my friends in the business and for 2 years I rebuilt my life with a new apartment and new people around me. These are the friends who advised me to register on a dating application. I didn’t really believe it because it’s not like me to judge others on a photo, but I tried anyway and I did well because I met Grégory there.”

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Looking for a companion, not a nurse

Grégory was 25 when Mathilde met him and he hard to get dates because of her disability: “I understand that a lot of women don’t want to put themselves with a guy in a wheelchair. In addition to everything that needs to be changed on a daily basis, it is also the fear of not being able to have children and that of having to be a nurse. Some women are more cash and say directly that their apartment is not accessible and others will never swipe. I spoke with a few women though through the app but no one pleased me like Mathilde.”

Mathilde decides to focus on her crush and not get carried away by her false beliefs about disability: “Without the app, I would never have flirted with someone in a wheelchair. Grégory was very cool with me right from the start and told me that he would answer all my questions. He didn’t want me to end up looking for answers on the internet or imagining things on my own. In fact, once my anxieties were been swept away and my fear of asking him a question that hurts him also erased, it went very well.”

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From the first meeting Mathilde and Grégory feel that there is potential between them for a great story: “We have the same centers of interest and the same desires. The memory I have of this meeting was that I was always laughing. Greg is a very funny person and I love that about him. You never get bored.”

The disability was above all a brake on those close to the young woman: “On Grégory’s side, there is obviously an instinct for protection, and his parents were afraid that he would fall in love and that I would leave him quickly. But I I was able to reassure them. With my parents, it was more difficult because they really saw our relationship as a confinement for me. I asked them to trust me and after a few difficult conversations, they ended up doing it. have the right to think that I am making a mistake but I also have the right to make this mistake. And in this case, I do not think it is. I am very happy with Grégory and I know that he ‘is also.”

A marriage and children

The young man contemplates the wedding “I want to give her the most normal life possible. And I want her to be able to have the big white wedding with all her family. I know that normally I should be able to be a father even if it’s not something that We talked a lot, and I don’t know if I really want to. On the other hand, for everything else, I want us to live our love to the fullest. I make him breakfasts in bed, we go on vacation. weekend. I don’t want my situation to make her miss things. I know she would say that if she’s with me, she’s not missing anything, but it’s important for me not to feel that she sacrifices anything.”

Mathilde has no doubts about their future: “I want to be with him and I want us to share everything together. Of course there are adjustments, but it’s a detail compared to the love that we have each other. We live together and we already have a good life. I know that the rest will be just as good.”


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