With “Married at first sight”, 6Play tests a novelty that could become a habit

With "Married at first sight", 6Play tests a novelty that could become a habit

TELEVISION – When there’s more, there’s more. While the 5th and very popular season of Married at first sight ends this Monday, June 27 on M6the approximately 2.7 million viewers who followed the stories of Alicia and Bruno each week, Cyndie and Jauffreyand other couples will be entitled to a little extra with a special new episode.

From this Tuesday, June 28, the free 6Play platform – which replaced “M6 Replay” – will offer a program bringing together almost all the participants of this season around the psychologist Estelle Dossin (but without Pascal de Sutter) with the promise of “coming back on this unique experience that changed their lives” and above all to “unveil [aux téléspectateurs] all [qu’ils n’ont] not seen.”

Barely a week earlier, 6Play was already launching a relatively unnoticed trial run of this new format around season 13 of Top chef. The 15 candidates for this season, including the winner Louise Bourratfound Stéphane Rotenberg in the large RTL studio (where The Big Heads among others) to tell memories and anecdotes of filming.

If the concept seems quite new on French channels, it should nevertheless remind consumers of American entertainment programs. In recent months, reality TV love is blind Where Too hot too handle from Netflix systematically showered their viewers with a “reunion” episode to hear from their heroes and heroines several months after filming.

Fiction also had a great time there, with in particular a reunion of the entire cast of the saga Harry Potter for his 20th birthday January 1, 2022 or the reunion of the stars of the cult series Friends in the spring of 2021. It was this episode that precisely inspired the 6Play teams, its general manager Frédéric de Vincelles tells us.

“When we saw the immense success of Friends: The Reunionbroadcast in France on Salto and in which the M6 ​​group is a shareholder, we said to ourselves that we could not miss it”, he tells the HuffPost. When this highly anticipated reunion was put online, the subscription video platform had indeed seen its attendance jump from more than 30%.

Soon Beijing Express Where Scenes of households?

It is therefore with Top chef and Married at first sight, two programs well established with viewers of M6, which the group has chosen to try its luck. With a clear objective: “to attract millions of fans of these major brands to the 6play platform”, evokes Frédéric de Vincelles bluntly.

If 6play claims 18 million users per month, the vast majority of this consumption is on replay. “They enter the platform through the prism of replay. Our ambition once they are there is to keep them as long as possible”, and this notably involves the production of new programs, he aims.

With “The Reunion” format, the range of possibilities is almost endless. If he waits “to learn from these first two experiences”, the former program director of M6 already has in mind lots of other flagship programs that could be entitled to their spin-off, from Beijing Express at Amazing talent through the group’s reality TV shows. And why not also around fiction, like the popular series Scenes of households.

Without excluding the possibility that these formats will one day find a place on the air. “We would be very happy to have played a laboratory role, for it to be a success and for M6 to tell us: we take it for the antenna”, assures Frédéric de Vincelles.

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