Wimbledon – Men’s singles – Nick Kyrgios on fire: “I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m pretty good”

Wimbledon - Men's singles - Nick Kyrgios on fire: "I just wanted to remind everyone that I'm pretty good"
85 minutes. Six games lost. 50 winning moves. 10 unforced errors. 24 aces. 93% success behind his first ball. 65% on the second. If perfection is not of this world, Nick Kyrgios approached it as much as possible on Thursday. Rolled 6-2, 6-3, 6-1Filip Krajinovic, yet a finalist at Queen’s two weeks ago, has been reduced to the rank of sparring partner on court number 2.

Kyrgios’ potential is well documented, and has been for a long time, but this match is arguably one of the finest of his Grand Slam career. “I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m pretty good“, launched the Australian during his interview on the court. Rather, yes, on this match in any case.

I’ve been playing tennis really well for a monthhe then recalled. Today I was in the zone, my body language was great. I marked this tournament in my calendar. I really prepared myself. This is my best chance of winning a Grand Slam.” Immediately, the big words. This Kyrgios can do damage, almost against anyone. Especially here, on this grass which suits him well, despite his reprimands about the slowness of the surface.


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Jekyll and Hyde

The problem, his problem, is that to win a Grand Slam tournament, you have to be capable of constant consistency even more than lightning. If Nick Kyrgios manages to duplicate lap after lap his performance of the day against Krajinovic, then he will have to be considered as a candidate for the final victory. But it’s a huge ‘if’ for a player who made his first Grand Slam quarter-final here at 19 in 2014, then a second six months later in Melbourne, but never did again. has since reached this stage. But after all, it only takes once. About fifteen.

On the Kyrgios case, Mats Wilander is among the believers. “What do I think of it ? I’m happy to see him here, happy that he’s winning Grand Slam matches, winning three sets, that he’s motivated and that he’s really playing, summarizes on Eurosport our consultant. I enjoy watching him play like that. When he’s involved he’s one of the best in the world and I believe the best may yet be with him. I think he still has a chance to win a Grand Slam, especially here on grass at Wimbledon.”

He is so concerned that he even took care to give up following the doubles tournament with his friend Thanasi Kokkinakis in order to devote himself to singles. The Jekyll and Hyde of world tennis has once again displayed its different faces in this very beginning of the fortnight. Brilliant on Thursday, he had to fight five sets in the first round against Briton Paul Jubb. A meeting during which he had taken the beak with a linesman as with the local public, going so far as to spit in the direction of a spectator just after the meeting. “I’ve had to deal with a lot of people’s hate and negativity for a very long time“, then justified Nick Kyrgios, much criticized on the other side of the Channel after this episode.

Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon

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I always feel like I have to prove something

He’s not a villainyet tempers Mats Wilander. No way. He’s just like that. Some players are nervous, some get annoyed. I’m not in his place, I don’t know what’s going on inside, but he’s motivated, involved, he wants to win. That’s why he sometimes overreacts emotionally. But he’s great to watch and he never leaves the public indifferent..”

And now ? “I really take game by game, because I have an incredibly difficult table in front of me.“, judge Kyrgios. With Stefanos Tsitsipas on the horizon in the round of 16 on Saturday, in all likelihood on the Center Court, the rest does not look much simpler. This match has everything to constitute the highlight of this first week. The Greek, convincing since the start of the tournament, also remains on a title in Mallorca. But he had been beaten by Nick Kyrgios in Halle. So…

Who doesn’t know Nick Kyrgios?smiled Tsitsipas after dispatching Jordan Thompson in three innings. It’s good to see him like that, we all know he’s one of the most dangerous players when he’s at his best. I really don’t expect an easy game” Kyrgios, he will have to prove, again. So much the better. It keeps him awake. Even if it annoys him at times: “I always feel like I have to prove something. You know, I feel like sometimes people don’t respect me.“Saturday, he will therefore still have to remind that he is”pretty good.”

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