William, a muzzle? This gesture towards Kate which is worth huge criticism to the new Prince of Wales

William, a muzzle?  This gesture towards Kate which is worth huge criticism to the new Prince of Wales

Saturday September 10, 2022, when Princes William and Harry left with their respective wives, the Prince of Wales was not very gallant with Kate Middleton. What attract the wrath of Internet users.

If Prince Harry was very elegant with his wife, Meghan Markle, many people felt that this was not the case with Prince William, towards Kate Middleton. In question, the surprise exit of the Fab4 at Windsor Castle, two days after the death of Elizabeth II. After having collected themselves in front of the many flowers and messages deposited in front of the gates of the castle, they took the time to go and greet the crowd who had come to cheer them. If this release has been very commented, a gesture from the new prince of wales also did not go unnoticed and quickly went viral on social media.

It was when the brothers and their wives were about to get back into their car. At this time, Prince Harry takes the time to hold the door for his wife before getting into the vehicle when his big brother has not bothered. In effect, he let the Princess of Wales walk around the car alone and open her door before getting into the car. “William can’t even open the door for this woman? My God…“, “They are not in love. This gentleman hates his wife and it shows“, “Kate and William are separated, period. He will start fleeing to prepare for a public separation. It’s gonna be Game of Thrones“, can we read on social networks.

The Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton on the verge of breaking up?

Memes have since emerged on the web. On some montages, we even see Prince William in the arms of another woman. Images that should not please Kate Middleton. If this scene attracts attention it is because the couple did not show themselves at all welded during this outing. If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held hands and talked, this was not the case for the Prince of Wales and his wife. Only, according to some experts, it would be customary for royal couples not to show any affection at public events. The Prince and Princess of Wales, taking full measure of their role, this could then explain their attitude, in large part.

If Prince Harry has been criticized in recent weeks for his controversial outings on the British royal family, with this appearance, he has risen in the esteem of the British. “Say what you want about Harry and Meghan, but he puts his arm around her back and opens her car door for her. He loves it“, “I love how Harry opened the door for his wife and made sure she was inside the car before getting in the car himself. A real gentleman“, could we read on social networks. Two brothers with different directions and equally different behaviors. Only, in pain, they find each other.

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