why was Christophe Dicranian cut during the editing of “Cinquante” on W9?

why was Christophe Dicranian cut during the editing of "Cinquante" on W9?

MAINTENANCE – Among the 50 reality TV candidates selected by Banijay to take part in this new program broadcast on W9, the 41-year-old Niçois was censored at the last moment.

The production teams of Banijay had to carry out a surgical assembly before the broadcast of the ” Fifty “ on Salto and W9. During filming at the beginning of the summer as part of from the castle of Bertichères to Chaumont-en-Vexin in the Oise, 50 candidates took part in this new adventure. But in the image, you will only see 49. The first episode broadcast last Monday on the M6 ​​group channel showed ten vehicles driving the participants to the entrance of the property to invite them to take the same path: red carpet, photocall and welcome cocktail in the castle gardens. All appeared except one : Christophe Dicranian.

If he participated in the whole game alongside his companion Liam Di Benedetto, the 41-year-old restaurateur from Nice was cut during the editing. A decision he learned of last Friday. In question, his judicial past marked by a sentence of eight years in prison in 2007 for drug trafficking. Released in 2011, he again had to deal with justice in September 2016. Contacted Wednesday morning about this censorship, W9 and Banijay have not yet answered us.

LE FIGARO. – Did you take part in the filming of “Les Cinquante”?
Christophe DICRANIAN. – Yes, I was there like the other 49 candidates. I will not detail the conditions of my release and what I was asked to do or not. I found myself in this game to accompany Liam, my wife. I liked the concept, I am a competitor and I felt able to go very far. I was there, I arrived in the car alongside the other two couples, Beverly and Noah as well as Kamila and Noré.

When did you know that your participation in “Les Cinquante” would be cut off during editing?
At the time of the announcement of the broadcast of the program, W9 had made available the photos of all the candidates except mine. This challenged people who knew that I was participating since, at the request of the production, I had posted the show’s logo on my Instagram account (July 7, editor’s note). I was warned last Friday that I was going to be cut in editing because of my criminal record.

What is your background ?
I grew up in a working-class area of ​​Nice, I didn’t have a good start in my life and I had my first conviction during adolescence for a minor offence. My dream was to become a firefighter and having a criminal record closed all doors for me. I know I could have been a good firefighter, for me it’s the best job in the world. I had several convictions and I have been heard several times by the police in recent years.
In 2007, I was convicted of a drug offense.

“If Liam and I had had a million subscribers each, I’m sure we wouldn’t have been cut in the edit”

Christophe Dicranian

Does the production check the criminal records of all candidates?
For the others, I do not know. For mine, I know they didn’t do it before shooting. As soon as my entry became public knowledge, people were quick to take my pedigree out on the internet and talk about my past lapses. I would have liked, through this show, to be given the opportunity to show who I have become today.

Who exactly are you?
I am a restaurant owner, we have our own business in Nice with Liam, and a father who loves his four children more than anything. I have a disabled daughter. After being a bad citizen, I want to become a role model for my children and lead a normal life. All this past life, I don’t want any more. I assume what I have been able to do but I want to be granted the right to change. I am not a bad person.

Do you understand the decision of Banijay and W9?
It’s not so much the CV that counts in this story, it’s more the number of subscribers on social networks. If Liam and I had had a million subscribers each, I’m sure we wouldn’t have been cut off during the edit. You shouldn’t define someone by that. Regardless of the criminal record, I was far from the only one in this cast to not have a clean record.


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