Why Gamm Vert, on rue de Châteaudun in Chartres, is closing its doors at the end of the year

Pourquoi Gamm Vert, de la rue de Châteaudun à Chartres, ferme ses portes en fin d

The news fell at the beginning of September, surprising amateurs and lovers of gardening and DIY in downtown Chartres. The Gamm Vert store, at 39, rue de Châteaudun, will indeed lower the curtain at the end of the year. A period of total product liquidation has been open since Wednesday and will continue until November 14.

If the surprise was total for the inhabitants, the economic reality of this specialized point of sale was less so for the Scael (Cooperative society of Eure-et-Loir), owner of the ten Gamm Vert brands in Eure-et-Loir and in Houdan, in the Yvelines. Jean-Sébastien Loyer, Managing Director of Scael, discusses the genesis of this decision, which is part of a global development strategy concerning the ten Gamm Vert of Scael:

“We are looking for alternatives”

“This closure was decided for several economic reasons. Gamm Vert Chartres has been hardly profitable for several years. First, because it doesn’t have a decent car park, and second, it’s not well located, which makes it less visible and less accessible. Admittedly, it somewhat meets the needs of the inhabitants around rue de Châteaudun and the city center, but it does not attract a large population capable of making it profitable,” explains the general manager.

To these commercial reasons, Jean-Sébastien Loyer adds architectural reasons: “The store was poorly designed in the seventies or eighties. It fits on two floors, which is no longer suitable for the way of shopping for DIY and gardening today. »
All these reasons led the Scael to decide to close Gamm Vert, in Chartres, for the end of the year.

“The store was losing money. We We had decided to find an alternative solution that required us to leave the heart of the city, but while remaining on the outskirts. We almost made an acquisition, but the existing garden center franchise pre-empted in our place. Added to this is the very tense current situation which does not encourage us to embark on a major implementation project. That said, we continue to be convinced that another Gamm Vert should be opened in the Chartres catchment area. Two of the three employees will be reassigned to other points of sale. »

Jean-Sebastien Loyer (General Manager of Scael)

About fifty employees

Jean-Sébastien Loyer recalls that several Gamm Vert stores in his group have been renovated, extended and modernized. “The Bonneval and Courville-sur-Eure stores have been renovated. That of Auneau has been enlarged. We are working to renovate that of Vernouillet, that of Châteauneuf-en-Thymerais and that of Chaudon. There is that of Épernon which has not undergone any transformations for a very long time. And Houdan’s store, which isn’t very old. »

The overall turnover of Gamm Vert, belonging to Scael, is more than 10.5 million euros per year. The distribution network for DIY and gardening products employs around fifty people.

While the Gamm Verts were slightly in deficit about ten years ago, they have gone into the green over the past five years. The manager wants each point of sale to adapt to its territory by modernizing while continuing to evolve to meet customer demand.


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