Who is Magali Berdah, the controversial queen of French influencers?

Who is Magali Berdah, the controversial queen of French influencers?

Targeted by an investigation for deceptive commercial practices, Magali Berdah is riding the wave of reality TV candidates to transform them into real influencers. The headline, the new daily podcast of BFMTV devotes a new episode to him.

Crisis situation for the patron saint of influencers this Thursday, September 15. At morning coffee time, Magali Berdah holds a press conference at the Hilton hotel in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. She talks about online harassment, but also the death threats of which she has been the victim for several months.

A few days earlier, a Complément d’Enquête report broadcast on France 2 addressed the excesses and scams of influencers on social networks.

But during this press briefing, Magali Berdah denounces the attacks of rapper Booba without going back to the practices of the influencers with whom she works. She is currently under investigation for deceptive marketing practices because her company’s influencers are suspected of promoting ineffective products or scams.

His company Shauna Events, founded in 2017 and bought by the giant Banijay, employs around sixty people and supports a number of influencers who exceed one million subscribers on Instagram. Often very young subscribers.

Reality TV candidates, a promising market

In 2021, however, it was named by Forbes magazine as one of the most influential businesswomen of the year in France. Known especially by generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2010), it is in the family that some discover her face and even undoubtedly her existence in the show Fort Boyard in July 2021. She is, that day, at the alongside his great protege Nabilla, one of the stars of the networks followed by nearly 8 million people on Instagram.

In reality, everything started in 2016. Magali Berdah had to start from scratch after the bankruptcy of her insurance company. She then rubs shoulders with several reality TV candidates, young women and young men propelled into the light for the time of a television show and who, on leaving, become ephemeral starlets. A niche remains unexplored: the only way for them to last is to be close to their community on social networks. To do this, they monetize their smallest post by collaborating with brands. And this is where Magali Berdah comes in.

Being profitable becomes the watchword. Magali Berdah’s job is to monetize their image on social networks. These influencers spend their day telling their life story or inventing it, and who, between two stories, do product placement. Products that sometimes raise questions about their reliability and origin. Influencers are also promoting injection surgery. Problem, “they highlight people who practice medicine illegally and clandestinely”, notes journalist Mélanie Mendelewitsch, interviewed in our podcast.

Influenced even in politics

During the first confinement, Magali Berdah also publishes lives on her Instagram account, she participates in the call for donations from the Hospital Foundation, chaired by Brigitte Macron.

Last year, a few months before the first round of the presidential election, Magali Berdah, lends herself to the game of intimate interviews and even manages to interview almost all the candidates on the Youtube channel. A product placement at the beginning of the videos finances his project. We thus find her face to face with Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Eric Zemmour. She interviews the President of the Republic last April. Appearances that allow candidates to address young audiences and first-time voters. The rumor even lent him a post of minister of social networks.

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