Who is Lady Louise, Queen Elizabeth’s favorite granddaughter?

Who is Lady Louise, Queen Elizabeth's favorite granddaughter?

The young woman, who will turn 19 in November, was very close to the queen. Hailed for her character, she is presented by specialists as “the secret weapon of the monarchy”.

“Very intelligent”, “secret weapon of the monarchy”, “caring”… Superlatives rain down on Lady Louise Windsor, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II whom all the British media present as her favorite. But who is this discreet young woman who will turn 19 next November?

Daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex, Lady Louise Windsor was born on November 8, 2003 in Frimley, Surrey. She sits fifteenth in line to the British throne, behind her younger brother James, due to the male-preference primogeniture rule, amended in 2013 but not retroactive.

Born premature, after a complicated delivery, Louise also suffers from esotropia, a form of strabismus corrected in 2006, then in 2013.

“Premature babies can often have a strabismus because the eyes are the last thing to finalize in a child. Her strabismus was so pronounced when she was little and you had to rush to treat her. But now everything is fine. Her life is perfect,” her mother Sophie told The Express.

Ambassador for the Prevention of Blindness

Due to her visual impairment, Louise became involved with the blind and visually impaired. Ambassador since 2003 of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, the young girl fought for this cause in Qatar and India, to present prevention programs there.

Lady Louise Windsor on January 9, 2004 two months after her birth with her parents
Lady Louise Windsor on January 9, 2004 two months after her birth with her parents © Pool

Louise’s name was revealed on November 27, 2003, about twenty days after her birth. The christening takes place at Windsor Castle on April 24, 2004. On this occasion, she wears the christening garment commissioned by Queen Victoria, which has been worn by eight generations of royal children. She is the last to have worn it.

Louise was educated at St George’s School before attending St Mary’s School. It is in this very select establishment that she specializes in English, history, politics and theater, and participates in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Prize, a program to encourage young people founded in 1956 by her grandfather Philip .

“Incredibly Close”

Quite spared from the tabloids since her birth, she has been absent from social networks, but has exposed herself more since 2018. Her first public intervention dates back to 2011. Aged 7, she was a bridesmaid at the wedding that year. of Prince William and Kate Middleton, his cousins.

Lady Louise was, according to British media who note her resemblance to the Queen at the same age, Elizabeth II’s favorite granddaughter. It is in particular their common passion for horses, which bound them. According to New Idea, The girl regularly went on long horseback rides with her grandmother. And after Harry and Meghan stepped down from the Royal Family in 2020, Louise had to take on a bigger role with the Queen.

“The Queen and Lady Louise are incredibly close,” a source told the British media in 2021. “She has her head on her shoulders, she is caring. She reminds the Queen of the young woman she was […] They could often be seen riding ponies together. And the queen shared her wisdom with her.”

Lady Louise Windsor with Kate Middleton at the London 2012 Paralympic Games
Lady Louise Windsor with Kate Middleton during the London Paralympic Games in 2012 © STEFAN ROUSSEAU / POOL / AFP

In 2021, Louise appears in a BBC documentary about Prince Philip. “I really hope he was proud of me,” she says, referring to their shared love for driving. “After a competition, he always asked me how it had gone. His eyes lit up as he was happy to talk about it”.

“She is very intelligent”

Louise loves to study. “She is very intelligent,” confided her mother to the Sunday Times. The pandemic has been a difficult time for her: “She struggled with online learning because she preferred to be with her peers,” Prince Edward revealed to sky news in February 2021.

After working this summer in a garden centerwhere she allegedly helped with checkouts, greeted customers and pruned and repotted plants, according to the tabloid The Sun, Louise will begin her university course in September at St Andrews, where she will study English. She thus walks in the footsteps of Williamwho met his wife Kate there.

For Royal Correspondent Phil Dampier, Louise is “the monarchy’s secret weapon”: “She appears to be very mature for her age and may become a prominent member of the ruling family in years to come.” Louise never missed a Trooping the Color parade, and fulfilled her first overseas royal engagement aged 12.

His mother Sophie had explained in the Sunday Times want to educate his daughter “with the idea that[elle devrait] most likely work to earn [sa] life”. She is also not a princess, because her parents decided at their wedding that their children would be qualified as children of a count, to spare them the burden of royalty, according to the BBC. She chose when she turned 18 not to use her royal highness titles.

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