“Where are the fadettes? “, the pundits of French rugby for the moment spared

“Where are the fadettes?  “, the pundits of French rugby for the moment spared

At the 32nd correctional chamber,

A first day for nothing, or else you must have developed some hidden passions for the working methods of the (PNF) National Financial Prosecutor’s Office, duly discussed by the defense lawyers on the first day of the so-called Laporte-Altrad trial , before the 32nd correctional chamber of the Paris Court.

Among the five co-defendants, the president of the French federation of rugby is undoubtedly the one who plays the biggest, prosecuted in particular for illegal taking of interests, breach of trust, and abuse of social assets one year before the 2023 World Cup torn from South Africa, the great success of his first mandate, “his landing of Omaha Bach” had nicely imaged his great friend Vincent Moscato on RMC. While Claude Atcher, also accused in this case, just disconnected of the presidency of the organizing committee for his brutal management, Laporte finds himself this time in the front line.

An image contract in exchange for favouritism?

The beating heart of the case? The boss of the FFR, in exchange for an image contract in the amount of 180,000 euros signed to lead four seminars in the Altrad company in early 2017 and ultimately never honored once his existence was revealed, he tried of return the favor several times to the president of Montpellier by taking advantage of his functions as president of the FFR? First by facilitating his participation in the English club of Gloucester, then by asking the League Appeals Committee to reduce the sanctions against the MHR, and finally by selling off the shirt of the Blues at a knockdown price to please his friend Altrad, now the main sponsor of the XV of France and a great patron of French rugby?

The former Secretary of State for Sports, who had planned to be questioned by the magistrates from the start of the trial – he arrived very early – did not open his mouth in the afternoon, And for cause, most of the debates focused on the preliminary investigation of the PNF and the communication, or rather the non-communication to the defense of the telephone tapping which made it possible to establish part of the charges against Bernard Laporte.

François-Xavier Dulin, the PNF prosecutor, took the opportunity to try to amuse the gallery a little with some tasty punchlines, in particular about the “Faraday cages” denounced by Me Vey, Mohed Altrad’s lawyer, in reference to the size of the rooms provided for the consultation of the seals shared by the public ministry: “Indeed, these rooms are not equipped with an exterior window, and inside there is light for two or months, after that it may be necessary to to be switched to the candle. I reassure you, we consult them under the same conditions as you, no one is there to massage our backs”.

Bernard Laporte questioned Thursday

A good way to make the room smile, but a mere temporary happiness. Embarrassed at not having been able to consult the famous fadettes produced the day before by the PNF at the request of the defense lawyers, who had come together to denounce “an incomprehensible excel table”, the president ended up sending everyone back to the locker room before 6 p.m.

The defendants, who arrived separately and very distant from each other although seated on the same bench, took the opportunity to gradually relax. Clause Atcher chatted with Bernard Laporte, and Mohed Altrad, a refugee a little further, interfered in turn, almost amused by the turn of events. “We discussed the children, how the holidays went, the trivial things. As you can see, things have calmed down, I am very calm, if it continues like this all the light will be shed on the subject. Seen from our window, it is still obscure, but a first veil should be lifted on Thursday with the interrogation of Bernard Laporte. If someone manages to get their hands on these famous fadettes by then, of course.

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