when Beyoncé’s latest hit provokes resignations

when Beyoncé's latest hit provokes resignations
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Memes, testimonials, messages of indignation… The words of Break My Soulthe title of Beyoncé released on June 20, sparked a flood of reactions.

“These people quit their jobs because Beyonce told them to do it,” the site headlined. The Face, on Thursday, June 23, by publishing five testimonials from fans who have resigned. A gesture that the star seems to recommend in his song Break My Soulreleased on June 20 and taken from his new album Renaissance, which will be unveiled on June 29. “I just fell in love, and quit my job,” she hums. Before adding: “I will find a new motivation, damn it, they make me work so hard. I am at work from 9 a.m. and I finish after 5 p.m. And the singer to formulate this advice: “Drop your jobs, free yourself from time.”

On video, Break My Soulthe clip of Beyoncé

“It looked like a sign”

Words that resonated with his listeners. To the point that some of them decided to take her at her word. The website The Face thus collected the testimonies of five people who quit their job after listening to the track. “I was a senior partner for a Fortune 500 company (the list of the largest American companies, Ed.), says Katt, 30. It’s hard to describe how I felt listening to the track! It looked very much like a sign. I had been going around in circles for some time, I felt very tired and unhappy.

And the young woman continued: “Hearing [Beyoncé] tell me to let go and live authentically, I thought, “You know what, B? You’re right!” I wrote my resignation letter and sent it. I accepted a new position that I had coveted for a long time, in the field of health. Thanks to Beyoncé for her encouragement! I needed it !”

Vianna, 22, shares this enthusiasm. “I worked as a night security guard in a fruit and vegetable production company,” she says. I felt full of energy when I listened Break My Soul for the first time.”

“I can’t make this up”

The single aroused in her a real questioning. “It was a breath of fresh air from him (…) I feel super relaxed now that I quit my job. I won’t have to live my life when the sun is down, and I can have my regular doses of vitamin D, as I don’t have to sleep during the day. I plan to be out all summer, dancing to his album.”

Other testimonies of this kind have also circulated on the social networks. “I can’t make this up #iStayinformation #BreakMySoul,” wrote @iamKoriJames on Twitter, captioning the text of his resignation letter. “I had a job for three weeks, then Beyoncé told me to quit,” @philipxanderson explained. Before specifying: “The management did not respect my schedule, and I am too old / experienced to stay in a bad situation.”

“This mania for joking about the fact that there is “nothing like” a vacation (…) is crazy, outbids another. I’m so grateful that Beyoncé helped me realize that I had to take some time off or quit. Because it is necessary.”

Memes galore

Failing to take the words of Break My Soul seriously, other Internet users have chosen to divert his message with humor. For the past week, memes inspired by the song have been flourishing on the web.

From a disgruntled image of Marge Simpson addressing a manager, captioned “Me quitting my job because Beyoncé told me to,” to a video from “America’s Next Top Model,” in which a young woman appears before the jury before saying “I can’t do it, I want to go home, it’s too much pressure” and turning on her heels, offbeat messages are multiplying on the web.

A reason for indignation?

Others rather saw in these words a reason for indignation. “Why is Beyoncé pleading for people to quit now? notably lamented @treehugger1605. We are in the middle of a recession, jobs will become harder to find. People who quit are not entitled to unemployment benefit. Shouldn’t they try to negotiate with their employer, learn new skills, apply for jobs and get a new one, before quitting?

An opinion shared by @king_madi_. “That being said, don’t quit because Beyoncé told you to in her song lol,” he wrote. You should never leave a job without landing another one to land on your feet, especially considering the current state of the economy and the labor market.” As usual, Beyoncé will not have left anyone indifferent.


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