What we know about the political crisis that is accelerating in the country

What we know about the political crisis that is accelerating in the country

The tension rises in Iraq. The Iraqi army declared a curfew on Monday from 3:30 p.m. in Baghdad, while supporters of the Shiite leader, Moqtada Sadr, invaded the palace of the Republic in the early afternoon.

The reason ? In the morning, Moqtada Sadr announced his “permanent retirement” from politics. A decision which could reinforce instability in the country, ten months after the legislative elections of October 2021. We take stock of a political blockage which could quickly turn into civil war.

A powerful leader

This Monday morning, Moqtada Sadr announced his “final withdrawal” from politics. The very influential cleric Shiiteaccustomed to blows, made this announcement at a time when Iraq has been mired in a deep political crisis since the legislative elections of October 2021.

Iraq, rich in oil but overwhelmed by a serious economic and social crisis, still does not have a new Prime Minister or a new government, the Shiite forces, including that of Moqtada Sadr, failing to put themselves agreement on their mode of designation.

With a huge popular base, the ex-militia leader in the black turban, a sign of the descendants of Mohammed, once again demonstrated that he was capable of reshuffling the cards in Iraq with a tweet.

“I hereby announce my final withdrawal,” Moqtada al-Sadr said in a statement posted on Twitter, criticizing other Shia political leaders for ignoring his calls for reform.


The Iraqi army decreed shortly after Maqtada Sadr’s declarations, a curfew from 3:30 p.m. Baghdadwhile thousands of supporters of the Shiite leader demonstrated their discontent in and outside the Green Zone (a highly secure enclave in Baghdad, which was established in April 2003 following numerous attacks in the country).

The “full curfew in the capital Baghdad affects all vehicles and citizens from 3:30 p.m. Monday,” the Joint Operations Command said in a statement, as several dozen Sadrists stormed an official building in the ultra – secure Green Zone.

Intrusion into the palace

Hours after the curfew was announced, dozens of supporters of Moqtada Sadr entered the Palace of the Republic, a ceremonial building, in Baghdad, to express their anger there after the Iraqi Shiite leader announced his “retirement” from politics, we learned from the security forces.

Supporters of the religious and political leader “entered the Palace of the Republic”, located in the ultra-secure Green Zone, the entrances to which have been closed, said a security source on condition of anonymity. In Baghdad, several thousand sadrists headed for this inner city compound, where the president usually receives distinguished guests.

Out of the green zone, in the streets of Baghdad, several thousand sadrists were heading towards this city center enclosure chanting “Moqtada! Moqtada! “.

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