what the gestures and looks of the two couples in Windsor reveal

what the gestures and looks of the two couples in Windsor reveal
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pay tribute together to Queen Elizabeth II. (Windsor, September 10, 2022.) Chris Jackson/AFP

Against all odds, the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gathered together this Saturday in Windsor. Unpublished images that have been analyzed for Madame Figaro two body language experts.

An image has particularly marked the spirits since the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II. That of princes William and Harryaccompanied by their wives – Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle – passing the gates of Windsor Castle. If some call for reconciliation between the two sons of the king Charles III, others remain dubious and speak of an obvious communication operation. Whatever, the meeting of those we liked to call the “Fab Four” is symbolic. But was she really sincere? “There are no signs that Princes William and Harry have reconciled. There is no special connection between them, says Olga Ciesco, speaker specializing in body language. We would have expected them to look at each other, talk to each other more or even touch each other, but nothing happened.

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The Prince and Princess of Wales like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had however put their differences aside this Saturday, September 10, walking with a determined step and making a good figure to honor the memory of Elizabeth II. An unprecedented scene since it is the first public appearance of the two brothers and their wives since March 9, 2020. For good reason, the latter have been known to be cold since the exile of Harry and Meghan in the United States, followed by their shock interview for American television.

“Kate and William on detention”

If no complicity between the two couples has been noted, their gestures say a lot. As the “fantastic four” advance to the gates of the palace, the attitude of Wales and Sussex already differs. “Withdrawn, Meghan and Harry are one: they are tight to each other. While Kate and William are more forward, much more restrained, and don’t look at each other. The time is over for meditation”, deciphers Stephen Bunard, non-verbal expert. For Olga Ciesco, this difference in posture (one couple forward, the other behind) is mainly linked to the protocol. “On one side there is a ‘normal’ couple: Meghan and Harry. And on the other, the future king and the future queen of England: William and Kate. It is clear that the last have a role to respect.

“The Sussexes multiply the gestures of love”

A few minutes later, it is the passage in front of the flower bed deposited in homage to the Queen of England. Here again, the heirs to the British throne and their wives do not behave in the same way. “The Sussexes multiply the gestures of love. They hold hands, Meghan Markle gently touches the back of her husband. But it remains respectful, not at all outrageous. On the Wales side, it’s a completely different atmosphere. They are modest, more distant towards each other. It’s a way of showing that their couple is not the priority at that time, underlines Stephen Bunard, author of Their gestures say aloud what they think quietly (So ​​Book). Eventually, Kate and William have already risen to the rank of future King and Queen of England. We feel they are ready to take over.”

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After having meditated in front of the hundreds of bouquets of flowers, they take the time to greet the English and take a few selfies along the way. On either side of the famous “Long Walk”, the two princely couples interact with the public for nearly twenty minutes. To be close to the people, everyone has their own posture: Meghan kneels next to a child, when Prince William bends down to chat with a little Briton. “Basically, if there were to be a match between Sussex and Wales, it would be a draw, notes Olga Ciesco. On the other hand, we can notice that Meghan and Harry are much more tactile and inclined to cuddle than William and Kate. What his colleague Stephen Bunard did not fail to notice. “Deep down, Meghan Markle remains an American. And in the United States, we hugwe touch each other more.”

That being the case, for the two experts in verbal communication, there is no doubt that Prince William leads the dance. Moreover, according to the press across the Channel, it is indeed the eldest son of Charles III who would have taken the initiative to invite Harry and Meghan to join him and Kate. “It is Prince William who leads the clan, insists Olga Ciesco. For example, he is the one who begins to greet the public before getting into his car. The others just follow. But it’s no wonder! He is the eldest and the future king of England.


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