we were all wrong about Luffy’s real dream, fans are going crazy (25 tweets)

we were all wrong about Luffy's real dream, fans are going crazy (25 tweets)

While the bow Wa no Kuni just ended with a bang, Eiichiro Oda has decided to take the quality up a notch with its final chapters. In chapter 1060, he makes an incredible revelation that we had it all wrong about Straw Hat Luffy’s dream since the first chapter.

An incredible revelation

The dreams that one wants to achieve are very important in shonen nekketsu. Son Goku wants to get stronger, Naruto longs to become Hokage, Eren wants to eradicate the Titans. So much so that they have become a feature that some mangaka like to pervert, as in chain saw man.

Since the first volume of One Piece, Luffy wants to go to sea and assemble a team to find the One Piece and thus become the Pirate Lord., a title that only Gol D. Roger has obtained so far, before being executed by the Navy. However, the latest chapter of the manga tells us that Luffy’s ultimate dream is not to become the Pirate Lord. This title would rather be a tool allowing him to realize his real dream. Unfortunately for the most impatient fans, Eiichiro Oda hasn’t revealed it – after a time-lapse, he only reveals the amazed reactions of his friends, who seem to agree that the realization of this dream is impossible. .

The chapter was also eventful, with Sabo who reveals to the Revolutionaries that the throne of the World Government supposed to be unoccupied is by Ym Sama ; the World Government, having discovered that the heart brother of Luffy is on the island of Lulusia, which decides to eradicate it. Either way, this chapter drove fans absolutely nuts, as evidenced by these many reactions.



Caribou knows Luffy’s dream and we don’t. pic.twitter.com/FSvkUpqgFm

September 16, 2022


Oda after wano pic.twitter.com/EHv7xakQSN

September 13, 2022


I think we can bring out this meme #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/Z0hIhvbMoE

September 16, 2022


Oda at the end of wano he saw that people were comparing his manga to mha and black clover he decided to beat the competition every week mdrr #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/hgAW3wORat

September 15, 2022


No Oda what is this mentally ill chain, don’t tell me more about your MHA, JJK, etc, it’s One Piece which is in dictatorship there!! #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/qzu7K8CMfD

September 15, 2022


Oda which puts Blackbeard, Ym Sama, the Gorosei, Hancock, Dragon, Sabo, Shanks, Marco,… in less than 3 chapters to extinguish all the competition: #ONEPIECE1060pic.twitter.com/QsUBwdFfnJ

September 17, 2022


Zoro when the crew wanted go to Alabasta #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/8igufbsMyc

September 16, 2022


Oda no longer has time to laugh and he is already proving it #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/I0q0MbwBm8

September 15, 2022


The final saga scares me.

The level that One Piece is showing us has never been seen in the history of manga.

The prime of One Piece is now, the bangers and the classics that will break the internet begin…#ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/tlQTIJ8DVK

September 15, 2022


Oda when he said “fasten your seat belts” he was laughing ZERO lol 7 chapters since the end of Wano 7 masterclass nah there’s no denying it’s your millennium we’re only here to accompany you #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/3vrzMRaKHi

September 15, 2022


Sabo who has just chained Kuma’s rescue, fight against the Admirals, accusation of Cobra’s murder and who sees a dark thing in the sky that does not look like a cloud: #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/dhu72zNwWf

September 15, 2022


YM Sama as soon as an Individual is aware of a One Piece mystery:#ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/sW84vK22nL

September 15, 2022



September 15, 2022



“Oda is tired, he has to stop his manga mid”

Meanwhile, Oda: pic.twitter.com/MocT8dCmy3

September 15, 2022



it makes even more sense pic.twitter.com/JnW0PRVdhA

September 16, 2022




September 15, 2022


7 chapters since the start of the Final Saga
7 real banger
7 chapters that turn the internet

Echiro Oda is on an AMAZING bloodline
OP’s bonus is NOW #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/AP3IhyX7F2

September 15, 2022



They almost blindly joined luffy and they don’t doubt for a single second that he will become the pirate king but they are all shocked hearing his dream ptdrrrr ODA WHAT ARE YOU HIDING??? pic.twitter.com/kyBbxwTD8p

September 15, 2022


“The kingdom of Lulusia never existed” “god Valley has disappeared from the world maps” #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/nU1jYSmPZQ

September 15, 2022


Sabo who opens his eyes and sees Ace, Whitebeard and Roger laughing around a table: #ONEPIECE1060pic.twitter.com/xBCeGL24pj

September 16, 2022


#ONEPIECE1060 Years After Chapter 957 Released, We Finally Know How God Valley Disappeared pic.twitter.com/1AIvwxg5oP

September 15, 2022



Jewelry Bonney who will absolutely tell the mugis everything that happened in the daydream for 4/5 plates of food pic.twitter.com/QoeWPJXLHy

September 15, 2022


25 years that One Piece exists and we still don’t know Luffy’s dream… no Oda you’re strong.. #ONEPIECE1060 pic.twitter.com/rHZSoQEB35

September 15, 2022


Teachers in 2060 #ONEPIECE1060 #ONEPIECE pic.twitter.com/jxqDsmYUDk

September 16, 2022


Tell you in the next scan she will tell everything that happened in the daydream it will be legendary #Onepiece1060 pic.twitter.com/SUgO0PZcge

September 15, 2022

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