“We don’t talk to each other anymore”: Gilles Verdez’s revelations about his relationship with Matthieu Delormeau

"We don't talk to each other anymore": Gilles Verdez's revelations about his relationship with Matthieu Delormeau

Gilles Verdez spoke of his friendship with Matthieu Delormeau on the Touche set not at my post this Monday, September 12. According to his words, the two men no longer speak to each other.

Cyril Hanouna has been back on the C8 antenna for several days. The host of Do not touch My TV found its chroniclers, many of them emblematic. Among them, Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez who decided to settle their account this Monday, September 12. “Matthieu, I came tonight because I had been waiting for this moment for months. I’m super serious“, he first said before adding: “There’s something going on between the two of us… We don’t talk to each other anymore. We don’t even say hello anymore“. A statement that surprised Cyril Hanouna a lot, who asked his columnists for details. “We have a false resentment for each other, it’s since last year’s controversy over racist/homophobic etc. I completely cut ties with Matthieu, I don’t talk to him anymore, I don’t say hello to him“, confided Gilles Verdez before indicating: “I don’t avoid him in the dressing room but I look at him and look away.” For his part, Matthieu Delormeau said he was ready to “hear what he has to say to me” before confirming the words of his colleague: “It must be six months that we do not even say hello“. Towards the beginning of a reconciliation?

Faced with the comments of the columnists, Cyril Hanouna is very surprised. “I didn’t know at all, I didn’t expect this“, he said before giving the floor to Gilles Verdez. “I come in a potential desire for reconciliation. Matthieu, a few years ago, we had a violent falling out and you took the first step”, he recalled before adding: “Tonight, I came, you agreed to open the curtain to take the first step. We haven’t spoken in months, I think it’s time to clear this up“. Subsequently, the columnist clarified: “You were very violent, you hurt me but me too without doubt. As we have strong personalities, we decided to boycott each other. I want to come to you to shake your hand and that we start off on a good footing, that we become friends again“. For his part, Matthieu Delormeau declined the proposal. “I don’t usually hold a grudge but here, I’ve been waiting for rejections for six months, nothing has happened. He knows the reason for our estrangement which is very violent and I didn’t understand that during all these friends, he did not have the decency to come to apologize or express regrets“, he lamented. According to his words, there was no “no excuses from his side, he just wants to start from scratch, but no“. To which Gilles Verdez said: “I regret hurting you“.

Gilles Verdez and Matthieu Delormeau: what happened between the two men?

Last May, Idrissa Gana Gueye, the PSG player refused to wear a flocked rainbow jersey for the day in support of LGBT rights. A decision that had reacted a lot and in particular Matthieu Delormeau. The subject had been mentioned on the set of Cyril Hanouna and the tone had risen between the two columnists. “Should Idrissa Gana Gueye be punished?“, was the question posed.”No, it’s taking on a global dimension, but I support it. It must already be said that he is an exemplary player and man. He cares a lot about what’s going on in society.“, had initially reacted Gilles Verdez. What Matthieu Delormeau had immediately affirmed: “you really are a huge asshole” before adding: “I never told you but now you really are a huge asshole“. Determined to be heard, he then indicated: “Sorry, but that’s going too far. Homophobia is not an opinion, it is a crime. What you say there, it’s a shame really, I tell you, a shame“. A clash that had caused a lot of talk and it seems that the two men have not managed to ease the tensions since.

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