War in Ukraine. Russian withdrawal to the east, call for Putin’s resignation… The point on the night

War in Ukraine.  Russian withdrawal to the east, call for Putin's resignation… The point on the night

The day dawns in Europe and a 202nd day of armed conflict opens in Ukraine after the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022. This Monday, September 12, 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the Ukrainian armed forces had now retaken no less than 6,000 km² from the Russians, confirming the continuation of the counter-offensive carried out in the east of the country in the Kharkiv region. . As a reminder, in recent days, several key towns in the region such as Balakliia, Koupyansk and Izium have been liberated. In their flight, the Russians sometimes left large stocks of ammunition behind them, and tried to respond to the counter-offensive with air strikes.

We take stock of the events that have marked the last few hours.

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6,000 km² taken back from the Russians, says Zelensky

In his daily update broadcast on social networks and on the website of the Ukrainian presidency, Volodymyr Zelensky advanced this Monday, September 12, in the evening, a new figure concerning the territories recovered by the Ukrainian army from the Russian armed forces. “From the beginning of September until today, our warriors have already liberated more than 6,000 square kilometers of the territory of Ukraine – in the east and in the south. The movement of our troops continues,” did he declare.

In his latest report, published this Tuesday, September 13, the American Institute for War Studies (ISW) specifies that the Ukrainian forces are also continuing “to achieve significant gains in Kherson Oblast”, south of Ukraine.

Withdrawal of Russian troops behind the border

For his part, a representative of the Pentagon, US Department of Defense, also confirmed the Ukrainian breakthroughs in a point on the evolution of the war, on condition of anonymity, Monday evening. “Ukrainians are making progress in their struggle to liberate and reclaim territories in the south and east, the officer said. On the ground around Kharkiv, we believe that Russian forces have largely ceded their gains to the Ukrainians and retreated north and east. Many of these forces crossed the Russian border. »

Information also given by the ISW, which specifies: “Russian forces are failing to reinforce the new front line following Ukrainian gains in eastern Kharkiv Oblast and are actively fleeing the area or redeploying to other axes. »

In Russia, elected officials call for the resignation of Vladimir Putin

As reported by several media like CNN or The Guardian, at least 18 local elected officials around Moscow and Saint Petersburg called for the resignation of Vladimir Putin in a petition published on Monday.

the New York Times goes further, stating that this petition was signed by 40 elected officials: “We demand the resignation of Vladimir Putin from the post of President of the Russian Federation! “.

The American newspaper specifies that if the petition was not relayed by the Russian media, and in spite of the repression in Russia, “the successes of the Ukrainian counter-offensive have given courage to the opponents” of Vladimir Putin.

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