Vladimir Putin targeted by two calls for impeachment, including one for “high treason”

Vladimir Putin targeted by two calls for impeachment, including one for “high treason”

The approach has no chance of succeeding but it is highly symbolic. According The world two groups of municipal deputies in Saint Petersburg, then in Moscow, demanded, on Friday, September 9, ” that Vladimir Poutine leave power.

According to the author of the first appeal, Dmitry Palyuga, Vladimir Putin is responsible, among other things, for the “death of able-bodied Russian men, national economic decline, brain drain from Russia, and expansion of NATO to the east “actions “which fall underaccording to the deputy, of article 93 of the Constitution”according to which the president can be removed from office for ” high treason “.

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Deputies summoned

Broadcast on Twitter, this official missive from the council of deputies of the municipality of Smolninskoye (a district of Saint Petersburg) was sent to the Duma, the lower house of Parliament.

Even if this call for dismissal has no chance of succeeding, the seven municipal deputies of Saint Petersburg were summoned by the police, before being released, affirms The world. “Which does not mean that their call, unprecedented, will go unpunished. »

“We ask you to withdraw”

“Less acerbic and with no direct reference to the war in Ukraine”a second letter, addressed to Vladimir Putin to invite him to resign, was also launched by municipal deputies of the Lomonosov district in Moscow.

“Studies show that the inhabitants of countries where power changes regularly live better and longer on average than in those where the leader only leaves office with his feet first”write the elected officials, in reference “to the twenty-two years spent by Vladimir Putin in power”.

“The rhetoric that you and your subordinates are using has long been laced with intolerance and aggression, which ultimately plunged our country back into the Cold War era. Russia has started to be feared and hated again, we are again threatening the whole world with nuclear weapons”continues the letter, which ends as follows: “We ask you to step down from your position because your views, your management model are hopelessly outdated and hinder the development of Russia and its human potential. »

According The world these calls for the resignation reflect “a weariness, even a muted frustration of the Russian electorate in the face of a military campaign that has lasted for more than six months without yielding the promised results”.

On February 24, authorized political commentators claimed that the “special military operation” announced by Vladimir Putin would last three days and install a pro-Kremlin regime in kyiv.

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