Video testimonial – Hyundai Ioniq: the undisputed champion of efficiency

Video testimonial - Hyundai Ioniq: the undisputed champion of efficiency

Released in April 2020, and purchased for around 40,000 euros, bonus deducted, the discreet electric Hyundai Ioniq of our reader has already accumulated 50,000 km. This former fan of V8 and V10 remains seduced today by the silence and the comfort of the Korean sedan. He explains why to Max Freyss.

The chosen model…

In the family of cars available in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electricI ask the Hyundai Ioniq sedan. The model with a full grille that displays a drag coefficient of 0.25!? Good pick ! The refresh that took place in 2019 is visible in the Full LED technology light signature at the front and rear.

Truck driver, Jean-Pierre “ likes the look from the front, but less about the back”, which he “finds a bit high and square “. However, he accepts this presentation, in full awareness that it plays favorably on the aerodynamics and efficiency of the vehicle.

Being sat in height daily in his truck, he did not wish to find this impression in a car. ” In my private life, I like to be closer to the road “, he confirmed to Max Freyss.

Hence the absence of SUVs in his final selection, even though he had previously tried the Kia e Niro and Hyundai Kona. And the Tesla Model 3 ? Eliminated for 2 main reasons: the absence of leasing and a trunk less easy to access than behind the tailgate of the Ioniq.

…in high-end Executive finish

Initially, our reader had not thought of the electric Hyundai Ioniq. It was by surfing the Internet, and in particular by viewing videos on Youtube, that he discovered this model, before carrying out a test which convinced him.

For the bodywork of his copy, he chose intense metallic blue then offered as an option at 630 euros, and which is no longer in the 2022 catalog. In order to benefit from electric, heated and ventilated leather seats, he has chosen the finish high-end Executive. ” The settings are impeccable. I found the seat a little hard at first, but once you’re in it, it’s fine. “, reports Jean-Pierre.

Its trendy sedan is based on the standard 16-inch alloy wheels. Only the simple hybrid models could receive another endowment: 15-inch sheet metal with hubcap at the entry-level Intuitive, and 17 inches for the 2 following finishes.

Powering the permanent magnet synchronous motor which develops a power of 100 kW (136 hp), for a torque of 295 Nm, there is a lithium-ion polymer battery with a usable energy capacity of 38.3 kWh, out of a total of 40.4kWh.


The range announced in the WLTP combined cycle in the brochure for the first half of 2020 is up to 311 km. Charging with alternating current is done on a domestic wallbox, as with our reader, or by using a public terminal to the maximum that the 7.2 kW on-board charger can give.

Driving 100-150 km daily, I plug my car in every 2 nights usually, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Even with more than 10% energy in the battery, it takes me about 5 hours to fill up “, he put forward.

In its commercial document contemporaneous with the vehicle, Hyundai assured DC refueling power up to 100 kW. Really ? ” It varies between 40 and 50 kW “, moderates our interlocutor, based on the terminals he has used to date.

Measuring 1.75 m, Jean-Pierre then demonstrated to Max Freyss that 4 adult people can take place on board the electric Hyundai Ioniq with sufficient space for the knees and the head. ” This is the advantage that it is not too low behind “, he underlined.

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Going to work, shopping, meeting his partner 40 km from home, or going away for the weekend: Jean-Pierre uses his electric Hyundai Ioniq for almost all his travel needs. ” For the holidays, I also take it if it’s not too far. I’m still a little suspicious. On 200 or 300 km, it’s fine. But I wouldn’t really like to see what it looks like over 800 or 1,000 km “, he completes.

Before, I had a good car for the weekends, like my previous Audi S8, and a bit rotten car to go to work. Now I only have the Ioniq. She does the job very well. For every day, she is impeccable “, he testifies.

This enthusiast of large mechanics, former owner of a Chevrolet Corvette, contradicts in this Stone from the Vilebrequin Youtube channel which ensures that going electric requires +1 on the home’s car fleet. Jean-Pierre, he made -1. It was the price of fuel, at the time of the yellow vests, which was the trigger for its switch to electric.

No One-Pedal but…

Before, I needed at least a V8 or a V10 for sound. But you get used to silence, more than to noise: I wouldn’t have thought. Especially when you come home from a day’s work with a head that big “Admitted the professional of the road with a gesture of circumstance.

During the test, Max Freyss asked Jean-Pierre about the presence of a regeneration device that would slow the electric Hyundai Ioniq to a standstill by simply lifting your foot off the accelerator.

This is not the case. But our reader showed him a trick: press the left paddle (3 levels of regeneration) behind the wheel. He also told him that using the adaptive cruise control, his car stops when the vehicle in front stops.

The electric sedan can evolve according to 4 driving modes: Sport, Normal, Eco, and Eco+. With the latter, the speed is limited to 90 km/h. And it turns off the air conditioning: we’re going to be hot, and in 5 minutes we’re going to be sweating “, he warned.

Efficiency model

In 2 years, I carried out several tests, all the time on the same routes in order to have references. So those to go to work or join my girlfriend. I tried with Eco mode – full regeneration, without regeneration -, in Normal and in Sport: there are no notable differences. I will be at 12 kWh/100 km in Eco, and 13 in Sport but with much higher performance “, he encrypted.

During the test with our journalist, the average consumption at a leisurely pace did not exceed 12.2 kWh/100 km. ” I reset every month. Over 1,610 km traveled since the last time, I have 12.7 kWh/100 km. And yet I took the highway to go to Frankfurt “, he noted.

At the end of recharging, the range given by the vehicle is currently 310-315 km. I noted that the car is even pessimistic in its estimates. So much the better: I prefer that on the contrary “, he rejoiced with Max Freyss.

Pleasure car and efficient car

Listening to Jean-Pierre testify, Max Freyss felt that the electric Hyundai Ioniq can play the role of both a fun car and a vehicle of interest to fans of maximum eco-driving.

This is the advantage of electrics which have 2 faces. What we do not have with a thermal model. A 60 horsepower Volkswagen Polo will never have a second face. While there, we have as much the quiet and zen side, as the couple and the horses immediately available “, abounded our reader.

He appreciates being able to get into the vehicle with the right temperature on board, by remotely switching on the heating in winter and the air conditioning in summer if necessary. On the other hand, he points to the weakness of autonomy and recharging for his long journeys. ” It bothers me 5 or 6 times a year he reflected.

GPS, for a thermal car, it would be good, but for an electric one, it’s a bit of a crap “, he let go. That’s why he appreciates the infotainment system’s compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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Video testimonial – Hyundai Ioniq: the undisputed champion of efficiency

A Hyundai Ioniq 6 next?

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 for the next electric car? He waits to really discover it, wary of the impression given by looking only at photos and videos. ” I saw the Ioniq 5 like a big Volkswagen Golf. When in fact it’s a truck! “, he amused himself. ” In the back, the Ioniq 6 is reminiscent of a mixture of Porsche or Saab “, he imagined, in conclusion.

The entire editorial staff of Automobile Propre would like to thank Jean-Pierre very much for his availability and his testimony.

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