Video: Jean-Luc Reichmann (Les 12 coups de midi) is shot in the middle of the street, this poignant extraordinary scene in the Navarro series

Vidéo : Jean-Luc Reichmann (Les 12 coups de midi) se fait tirer dessus en pleine rue, cette scène hors du commun poignante dans la série Navarro

Jean-Luc Reichmann: an accomplished animator!

TF1 has made him a safe bet. After starting his career on France Télévisions, notably alongside his friend Nagui, he arrived on the first channel in Europe. It takes him a lot of good since he hosts the successful program Attention à la marche. The game works for years. But his audiences decline over time. Viewer fatigue and stiffer competition (everyone wants to take their square, in particular) are right about Jean-Luc Reichmann’s game.

But the latter does not admit defeat. He stops the show, of course, but replaces it with another program. The 12 noon shots. Every day, more than four million viewers discover the host and the candidates. The game has existed since June 28, 2010, but it still achieves the best audience share at noon. Indeed, between 35% and 45% of the public is present on TF1, at that time of the day.

In addition to being a facilitator, Jean-Luc Reichmann is also very comfortable with the voice-over profession. This is also how he makes himself known. On Don’t Forget your toothbrush, he accompanies Nagui with his voice. But that’s not all, since we find his voice in the middle of the video game. Football fans just have to strain their ears to hear it in All Star Soccer, FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup, World Cup 98, FIFA 99, FIFA 2000 and UEFA Euro 2000.

Jean-Luc Reichmann has always wanted to be an actor

If he is very fulfilled in his role as an animator, comedy has always been Jean-Luc Reichmann’s dream. In 1991, he obtained a role in the series Navarro. No doubt nostalgic for this time when he took his first steps in front of the cameras, he shared an excerpt from his appearance in the series on Instagram. Ironically, he warns with humor its subscribers: Warning shocking images“, he writes, before making some clarifications.

The host shares a scene in which actor Roger Hanin (Navarro) shoots him. This is episode 10 of season 3. Jean-Luc Reichmann plays the villain. While he thinks he’s smarter than the inspector, he ends up taking two bullets. The fans are delighted to (re) discover this scene. And if his talentsactors are no longer to be proven today (he is the star of the Léo Matteï series), his physical appearance, on the other hand, is much talked about.

Internet users are unanimous: the animator is more handsome today than when he was young. It is even compared to a good wine, those which are better with time.

An exclusive documentary on the life of Jean-Luc Reichmann

TF1 decides to pay a nice tribute to its star. In effect, an exclusive documentary tracing his life will be broadcast on July 2. In this work, some relatives of the animator speak. We can notably find Isabelle Benhadj, whose voice is well known since it is Zette, in the 12 Coups de Midi. Nagui will also be there, which did not fail to please Jean-Luc Reichmann enormously. He does not hide that seeing the face of the star host of Don’t forget the lyrics on TF1 is historic in itself:

Let Nagui speak, I found it marvelous and magical! We are friends, we have a lot of respect for each other but he is frank. He is cash when he says ‘we take a member of my family’ and that he hadn’t seen all this happen. I have a lot of respect for him because he took a lot of risks in his life. It’s part of the journey. It really touched me that he agreed to speak. Nagui will be on TF1 in the documentary. Have you ever seen Nagui on TF1? How long has it been since you’ve seen it on TF1? »

This documentary is an opportunity for him to come back to some important events in his life, such as the serious motorcycle accident he suffered at the age of 24.

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