victim of a vital card scam by SMS, the actress Fabienne Carat warns

victim of a vital card scam by SMS, the actress Fabienne Carat warns

Insistent messages telling you that your carte vitale is about to expire and that you have to renew it. They do not come from Health Insurance. This is a scam to steal your bank details, experienced by actress Fabienne Carat.

This scam is becoming more and more common. An SMS alerts you that your vital card is about to expire and that you must urgently order the new one. Behind this message, scammers who will extract money from you.

The actress made famous by Plus Belle La Vie Fabienne Carat made the sad experience. She recounts her misadventure in a video posted in an Instagram story at the very exit of the police station, this Thursday, September 1.

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Fabienne Carat victim of the vital card scam

©Fabienne Carat

“I was the victim of a big bank fraudshe explains. I just wanted to tell you that if you receive an SMS from Health Insurance to update your vital card which will expire in 24 hours, that you have to enter your bank details etc., don’t do the same stupidity as me!

Here is the type of scam SMS you may receive:

An SMS that can make the recipient doubt. “Sometimes we are a little tired, we want to do well, we want to do it quickly, and we lose our minds a bit. So above all, do not fill out this form, do not pay online so that the vital card is reshipped”recalls the actress.

“The fraudsters called me and it took a very, very long time for them to gain my trust, but here they are. They managed to make large online payments and transfers too. Don’t do like me, be very, very careful , they are very strong, very talented, very reassuring. Don’t be fooled”.

Faced with the proliferation of these fraud attempts, you may have received emails from Health Insurance warning you. “Attempts at remote fraud are increasing and the methods used by fraudsters are more and more elaborate. (…) The speech used by the fraudster is often realistic. He will seek to put you at ease and will insist on the urgency of his it explained.

“L’Assurance Maladie will never ask you to send your full bank details or your personal information by email or SMS”underlines the organization.

These communications by SMS, calls or emails usurp the name and logo of the Health Insurance. Here are the clues to spot a fraudster by email or SMS:

  • The insured person receives an e-mail offering a chargeable online service for updating the Vitale card (whereas updating the Vitale card is totally free and can be done in most pharmacies).
  • The insured person receives an SMS signaling the delivery of a new Vitale card or announcing that a reimbursement from Health Insurance is pending with a clickable link.

These frauds are on the rise. It is no longer possible to connect to the tax site via FranceConnect using Ameli identifiers since Thursday, September 1.

As Le Monde reports, the public service announcement mentions a suspension due to “technical maintenance on FranceConnect”. But according to information from Le Canard enchaîné in its edition of Wednesday, August 31, this decision was taken by the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) in the face of an upsurge in hacking of the accounts of its policyholders.

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