Vendée U: “We will continue to work hard” – News

Vendée U: "We will continue to work hard" - News

Sixteen years after Dimitri Champion at Chantonnay, Mattéo Vercher offered, this Saturday, the title of French Amateur Champion to Vendée U. Author of a totally successful start to the season, the Vendée club thus left Cholet with a double after the victory by Antoine Devanne, Thursday, on the clock. For DirectVeloMorgan Lamoisson expresses his satisfaction after this new great performance.

DirectVelo: What does Mattéo Vercher’s title represent for the club?
Morgan Lamoisson: It’s an achievement for the team. This winter there have been changes and a new project. I invest myself a lot humanly. I’m so happy with my staff, they give it back to me. This winter, I made the bet to take Mattéo to training because I knew he wasn’t too tech-savvy. We got to know each other. A month ago, I announced to the team that Mattéo Vercher would be French Champion.

Why ?
It’s easy to explain. Thomas Bonnet and EMilien Jeannière attracted the spotlight. I knew they were going to be watched. There were teams that wanted us to lose. I put a diaper back on about ten days ago. I reminded him at the briefing that our two best cards would be Baptiste Vadic and Mattéo Vercher. We also had the two Lucases (Boniface and Grolier) but naturally, they put themselves at the service of our friends.


The Vendée U had the perfect race…
With Hervé (Arcade), we made the bet to launch hostilities after ten kilometers of racing in the descent. It was technical and rainy and we have guys who can ride bikes. I tell myself that we were right when I see the result. It’s like the Vendée U. We took power when we were six ahead but we also had bad luck with Thomas Bonnet and Lucas Grolier who fell.

Mattéo Vercher quickly integrated into the team…
Mattéo immediately took on a team role at the start of the season because he was new. He wanted to prove himself, he sacrificed himself on the Coupe de France N1 or at Chantonnay at the Plages Vendéennes. He always put himself in the position of the runner who sacrificed himself. A fortnight ago, he was made to understand that he could only do the shopping he wanted. I told him no for a race in Spain because he had to cut. He needed freshness for the French Championship. He finished 2nd twice at Montbéliard but so much the better… If he had won, he would have been watched more. I know that the connoisseurs quoted it at the briefing. There are those who tried to make him miserable during the race. He kept his cool as long as possible. His victory is deserved. I believed it for a month. This title will be decisive for him. I’m not going to miss it for the next Class 2 (smile).


What will be the upcoming goals for this summer?
We planned to go on an internship in the Alps, at the beginning of July. Five riders, including Mattéo, will follow in the Tour du Val d’Aosta (2.2U). In important races, there will be the Tour Alsace (2.2) and the Tour de l’Avenir where we will have a selection from Pays de la Loire, with four or five riders from Vendée U.

We feel that you are having fun…
Since the first course, I have enjoyed myself. I don’t want to pull the blanket for myself because it’s thanks to the work of others… Maybe I brought the impetus and brought my stone to the building. It is thanks to the investment of all the staff. The runners are in good condition. What happens to us, we deserve it because we work hard for it. And we will continue to work hard… Now I wonder where they will stop…


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