Valérie Bonneton: her secrets about the disease against which the son she had with François Cluzet fought

Valérie Bonneton: her secrets about the disease against which the son she had with François Cluzet fought

Valérie Bonneton was the guest of RTL this Saturday, September 10. The opportunity for the actress to make some secrets about her son and in particular about this disease against which he fought.

Valérie Bonneton is an actress revealed by the role of Fabienne Lepic in the comic series Do not do this, do not do that, launched in 2007. She met with immediate success and then went on to play roles with very popular actors, including Christian Clavier and Dany Boon. On the private side, she shared the life of François Cluzet for thirteen years and from their love Joseph and Marguerite were born. Guest of RTL this Saturday, September 10, the actress came to promote her book mom to me in which she decided to write from the point of view of Gaston, her Maltese bichon. This was an opportunity for her to confide in her private life. She spoke in particular of the terrible ordeal that her eldest son experienced when he was a child. The little boy had cancer, leukemia at the age of four. “I had job offers, but I turned them down, because there was no way I wouldn’t spend all my time with him.“, she first explained before adding: “And for a long time I wanted to tell it, because I did everything to make it Life is beautiful at the hospital. I transformed everything and wow it’s huge. Heartbreaking secrets from a mother who tried everything to help her son.

Aged 21, Joseph is now a very fulfilled young man. This terrible ordeal is only a bad memory for him but also for his parents. “And today my boy is 21, he has no bad memories. He loves people, because there were always lots of people coming: nurses, doctors, etc. He loves doctors, explained Valérie Bonneton before adding: “It’s always very moving… And I wanted to tell it”. Omnipresent for her son, the actress then spoke, with great pride, of her little boy. “Today, my boy, he has the taste to live, he is incredible“, she first said before adding: “As soon as I have complicated, very hard things, he says to me: ‘Oh it’s funny’. But in the end, he is fed up with everything. Nothing is a problem”. A situation that is very “moving” for Valérie Bonneton since it is the first time that she has spoken about it openly. With tears in her eyes, she continues:To talk about it for me, it was almost impossible, because it’s so crazy to live like this…”. Moved, she then indicates that if all this is just a bad memory, she has suffered a lot: “When you have a 4-year-old child who can’t play, who can’t do anything. Each door handle has to be cleaned – the covid is nothing next to it – you have to wash the vegetables with a touch of bleach. Gotta do this, gotta do that“, concluded the actress, very upset.

Valérie Bonneton: has she ever confided in her children?

If she is very discreet about her private life, it sometimes happens to Valérie Bonneton to confide in her. In the columns of Télé 7 jours in August 2021, she had mentioned her two children, of whom she is very proud. It is essential to give the best to your children, which does not mean that I give up everything to them. My two children balance me out a lot“, she had explained before adding: “My children are lucky to have great friends who are always welcome at home. I love to be in contact with them, to observe them“. Touching confidences that show the complicity between Valérie Bonneton and her children.

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