United States: After abortion, the legality of certain marriages also threatened?

United States: After abortion, the legality of certain marriages also threatened?

ABORTION IN THE USA – The US Supreme Court is reversal of the right to abortion Friday, June 24, raising fears impact on other rights. According Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, it is necessary to go further than the simple revocation of the decision on abortion and to examine other case law which concerns the private life of Americans and which is based on the same argument as the decision “Roe v. Wade”.

According to him, a “myriad of rights” have been granted and the Court has “the duty to correct the error” that it has established, he writes, citing case law on the gay marriage where the right to contraception.

On the day of the Supreme Court decision, the US Vice President Kamala Harris was immediately indignant following the competing opinion issued by the judge. As the Vice Presidency of the United States explains, the Supreme Court ruling “challenges other rights we thought we had established, such as the right to contraception, the right to same-sex marriage, and the right to ‘interracial marriage’”. This last questioning would impact Kamala Harris, married since 2014 with Douglas Emhoff, a white man.

Samuel L. Jackson gets involved

Based on this observation, the American actor Samuel L.Jackson took the liberty of violently challenging the judge of the highest American court on Twitter on Saturday June 25.

“How does Uncle Clarence feel about the cancellation of Loving v. Virginia?” he wrote on Twitter, not without an explicit reference to the excessively servile African-American character in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. A pejorative qualifier which had already been addressed to the actor for his role in the Quentin Tarantino film, Django Unchained.

Indeed, Judge Thomas only cited marriage for all and the right to contraception, omitting – knowingly or not – marriage between people of different colors, as the actor pointed out. Jackie Brown. And for good reason. The judgment “Loving v. Virginia” directly concerns the conservative judge since he himself is married to a white woman, Ginni Thomas, a militant and influential figure in American conservatism.

As our American colleagues from HuffPost point out, the plaintiff behind the judgment on same-sex marriage in the United States – a certain Jim Obergefell – also pointed the finger at Clarence Thomas for this omission. According to him, the judge avoided pointing out the “Loving v. Virginia” among the stops to “reconsider”, because it “affects him personally”.

Converselythe conservative U.S. senator Ted Cruz also split a tweet to frontally criticize the approach of Samuel L. Jackson. “Hate bigotry on the left knows no bounds,” he wrote. Still, a member of the Republican Party, Indiana Senator Mike Braun, had questioned this legality last Marchbefore ensuring that he had misunderstood the questions.

“What we see today is that there is very little that is sacred in terms of privacy,” the site said on Saturday. Insider Michele Goodwin, professor of constitutional law at the University of California.

The decision “Loving v. Virginia” was taken on unconstitutional a Virginia state law that prohibited intermarriage. In addition, it invalidates any law that could restrict the right to marry based on the ethnic origin of the spouses.

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