Two cops in Miami: how does it end? – News Series

Two cops in Miami: how does it end?  - News Series

From 1984 to 1989, “Deux cops à Miami” revolutionized the world of television and marked an entire generation. If you didn’t follow everything well or if your memory suddenly challenges you, we tell you the end of the series.

Warning, spoilers. The following article reveals key plot elements of “Miami Cops” as well as its ending.

The impact of Two Miami Cops on popular culture in the mid-1980s was immense, so the series quickly became one of the most beloved of its decade. She was groundbreaking in the way she merged her music, cinematography and imagery.

The show also helped define the fashion and music of the era while simultaneously maintaining a high quality of action and storytelling, all carried by the talents of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, in the cult roles of Crockett and Tubbs.


On May 21, 1989, NBC aired “Freefall,” which then appeared to be the series finale. But in reality, the final episode of Two cops in Miami is titled “Too Much, Too Late” and airs six months later on the USA cable channel, owned by NBC. Why didn’t the network schedule it? Quite simply because he deemed its theme (a sex crime involving a child) and its treatment too extreme for the general public…

In this first 2-hour ending, Crockett and Tubbs are recruited to protect General Manuel Borbon (Ian McShane), the dictator of a ravaged Latin American country who has information on key players in the drug underworld. It is later revealed that Borbon knew about the corruption of a senior US government official, which was the reason for the whole mission.

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At the end of the episode, Crockett and Tubbs shoot down Borbon’s seaplane as it tries to evade authorities, killing the general and several government agents in the process. The teammates then leave the police in disgust.

In the final scene, Crockett has sold his boat, freed his pet alligator Elvis, and is moving further south, hoping to get away from his life in Miami, while Tubbs has decided to return to New York. Crockett offers to drive him to the airport in his “stolen” Ferrari. The duo leave together.

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In the true final episode of the series (5×21), Ricardo Tubbs is contacted by Valérie Gordon (Pam Grier), his former girlfriend. She has just received a desperate call from her goddaughter, Lynette (Malinda Williams), telling her that Yvonne (CCH Pounder), her mother, has been beaten by a man named Swain (John Toles-Bey) who pushes her to drug. Valérie, a New York police officer, then flies to Miami with the firm intention of helping them.

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Meanwhile, Tubbs comes to the aid of Lynette and Yvonne, while Swain flees. In the emergency room, Yvonne refuses to name her attacker. Lynette wants to tell the truth but her mother prevents her.

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Arriving in Miami, Valerie meets Tubbs and thanks him for his help. The latter offers him a dinner in memory of the good old days. Yvonne, meanwhile, refuses help from the police and asks Valerie for money to get into a rehab program. Valerie reluctantly agrees. Yvonne however gives the money to Swain, before offering herself as payment for drugs but the latter wants more: the young Lynette. Yvonne agrees.


After their dinner, Tubbs receives an upset call from Valerie who has found Yvonne stabbed to death. Lynette was seen running from the crime scene but nothing since.

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Valerie, Tubbs and Crockett split up to go in search of the young girl and end up finding her in a park. She rushes into Valérie’s arms, repeating that she was raped.

Later, Crockett worries about Valerie’s involvement in the case, she who took Lynette away from the police and knew where to find her. Tubbs gets angry but an address where Swain could be is given to them: the duo go there. As Swain is about to leave, Crockett and Tubbs stop him.

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At the police station, Lynette fails to identify Swain: he is then released. Crockett is still concerned that Valerie is hiding something. Tubbs finally decides to confront her: she admits to having hosted Lynette to buy time until they can find Swain. But Lynette disappeared again and stole her gun. She suspects the girl of having gone to Swain’s.

At the latter’s house, Lynette indeed threatens him with Valerie’s weapon and admits to having killed her own mother after Swain raped her: to obtain drugs, Yvonne indeed sold her child to Swain. Just then, Tubbs and Valerie burst in and after a tense moment, Lynette finally surrenders the gun and Swain is arrested. The girl is entrusted to social services.

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After the case, Tubbs confronts Valerie: he is angry that she lied to him and tried to frame Swain for murder. Valerie confesses that she did it because she didn’t think Lynette could survive prison.

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She tells Tubbs that she is exhausted from her job and plans to return to New York to return her badge, apologizing in passing about their personal relationship. She walks out, turning off the lights, leaving Tubbs completely alone. End of Two cops in Miami.

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