Tunisia: questions about Hamadi Jebali’s defense strategy

Tunisia: questions about Hamadi Jebali's defense strategy

It’s the headlong rush, the police present a case against him and he keeps silent and goes on a hunger strike and plays the imaginary patient for us… the Islamists always play the innocent and the victims… under Bourguiba it was their strategy, also under BenAli and now under KS it’s the same combination of victims of a system.

His lawyers only have to assist him in front of the investigators and prove his innocence otherwise he has no right of way he is a litigant like any citizen even if he refuses to have his identity card on him, proof that this guy despises the Tunisian Civil Registry…. the Islamists refuse the civil state and besides he was the 1st to declare in 2011 that he wishes the return of the Caliphate… he is not Tunisian… he is the follower of double talk in front of a floor of Islamist he shouts:

“We are victorious before God, may he be glorified”, some will say that this speech is a religious speech, but we do not make a difference. It is from here, God willing, that the reconquest of Jerusalem will start.
We are in a historical, divine moment, in the cycle of a new civilization under the aegis of the sixth well-guided caliphate, God willing. » Can we be more clear ???????

And in front of a Western floor:

“Our choice in political governance is that of the republican, democratic system, which draws its legitimacy from the people and only from the people, through free and transparent elections, with respect for freedoms and rights, guaranteeing peaceful alternation in power . And it is these principles that we are committed to anchoring irreversibly, in accordance with the principles of the revolution and the aspirations of our people for the construction of a civil, democratic and plural society”. …

Do you understand this double talk????? !!!!!!
In front of his peers it is the Caliphate and in front of another on the ground these Islamists are breaking our heads with democracy, independence and all the rest…. finished it doesn’t take anymore…..

It is this second language that the Islamists and their lackeys the Chebbi, Hamma, Bochra, Chaouachi etc. serve the West and call on them to intervene using all possible levers such as Clubs and other media,” Club de Madrid has already reacted and calls on the president to release Jblei, as if it is KS who is holding him… an interference without any knowledge of the disastrous designs of this sect….

KS is not responsible for his arrest nor that of B’hiri nor that of the lambda chicken thieves…
In any democracy, to remain silent is a right which allows a person implicated in criminal proceedings not to answer the questions asked, it is the principle of the presumption of innocence until judgment, now the strike of hunger and then playing the imaginary patient have always been a strategy of the Islamists who pose as victims and shout from the rooftops that the regime is persecuting them to be freed and build a kind of omerta on their fate, they want neither more nor less have the status “UNTOUCHABLES”

Now who is the victim, the state or Jbéli?
(Why is the Tunisian state a victim? since there is an attack on the integrity of its territory, its security, the republican form of its institutions, its means of defense and its diplomacy, the safeguard of its population, the balance of its natural environment and its environment and the essential elements of its scientific and economic potential and its cultural heritage.)

That’s why it’s a state affair and not a chicken thief’s affair.

This Mr was Head of Government, let us not forget it and holds secrets which can harm the Tunisian State….

It is indeed the Tunisian State which prosecutes Jbéli for criminal acts, the state presents evidence of its guilt, if this evidence is fabricated, Jbéli’s lawyers will have all the time to dismantle the case and sue the State… for the moment HE IS GUILTY IN THE EYES OF JUSTICE AND THE PEOPLE … he endangers the civil state, the Republic and the people by his acts of terrorism and any accomplice must answer.

It’s too easy, I commit a criminal act, money laundering for example, I shout from the rooftops that my arrest is illegitimate, I go on a hunger strike, I play the imaginary patient, and if I am enough rich I form a defense committee that will seek support abroad to accuse the police and justice of tools of repression in the service of the dictatorial state of KS.

That the committee of defense brings the proofs of the innocence of Jbéli and I would be the 1st to support this fanatic who does not deserve any empathy considering his past criminal and terrorist….

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