Trendy women’s white sneakers: the most beautiful sneakers for the start of the 2022 school year

Trendy women's white sneakers: the most beautiful sneakers for the start of the 2022 school year

White basketball: why is it the star of the season?

It’s back to school! And to celebrate this event which marks the end of the summer holidays, we challenge you to leave your home, for just one minute, without meeting someone wearing a pair of white sneakers. Spoiler: it’s going to be very complicated. Yes, since its first official appearance in 1839, the sports shoe is everywhere. In this large family, white basketball is THE star par excellence. Of converse in the 1920s to Nike 50 years later, passing through Yeezy, New Balance or Reebok, all the brands specializing in sportswear have only one saying: to offer, each season, THE basketball that everyone will wear. Winter or summer, these sports shoes very rarely leave the Instagram feeds of fashionable girls. The business woman Camille Charrièremodel Leia Sfez and singer Louane wear all the most popular models.

An industry that gives a hard time when it comes to imagination (and above all innovation), when you know that white sneakers are the model essential and timeless never invented. The reason : Stan Smith who, from the 1960s, developed a white, comfortable and minimalist model, which had the power to satisfy the needs of city dwellers and top athletes. Since then, it’s impossible not to come across at least one pair in the street every day. Especially since it goes with any sartorial art, and wants to be multigenerational.

Generation after generation, white basketball evolves. It sometimes takes luxurious turns, when fashion houses sign collaborations with companies specializing in sneakers. But above all, she is the undisputed queen of social networks. just on TikTokthe hashtag #sneakers accounts for no less than 29.2 billion videos watched. “Between fashion week and the street there is only one step. Are you unbeatable on all models of sneakers? Show us that you are the sneaker expert by sharing your passion with the hashtag #sneakers »can we read under the hashtag in question of the favorite application of Generation Z. We let you imagine the content offered by the user.ices.

White sneakers trend: what are the best sneakers of the season?

With an XXL platform to gain height, in canvas, low or high… White trainer models are never missing when the return to school (or office) approaches. Which white sneaker is made for you? Which model to choose? How to properly wear white sneakers at the start of the school year? Spotlight on the coolest fall-winter styles you’ll never want to leave. And if you need to invest in a timeless sneaker, we direct you to our guide to find out the names of the 8 most popular pairs of the comeback.

The most conventional: Puma white sneakers

In the large family of white sneakers, we find the emblematic models of Puma. What we like best about them: their adaptability. Flat, platform, minimalist or more original curves…the white basketball shoes from Puma adapt to all tastes. Puma sneakers also allow you to bring a youthful look when they are well worn. We like: the simplicity of the model Carina Lift enhanced with a platform, perfect for lengthening the legs. More classic souls will inevitably fall for the flat version of the Smash V2 L. 100% leather and lace closure, it is as effective on the pitch as it is on the street.

Smash V2 L sneakers

Smash V2 L sneakers


60 euros

How to properly wear the white Puma sneakers? With everything your dressing room will have to offer you. A white t-shirt, jeans and a small leather jacket for a total casual look. White Puma sneakers can also be worn perfectly with a woolen dress and a pretty pair of black tights in autumn-winter.

Most Instagrammable: White New Balance Trainers

If you are an assiduous reader of the fashion section of Marie France, you already know it: the New Balance was the star sports shoe of 2022. Favorite sneaker of influencers, it was also very courted by celebrities and fashionable models. The secret of its success: its one-of-a-kind sole that allowsbalance the figure (hence its name, “new balance”). Not to mention its design that is both accessible and trendy. Adequate sports basketball in its version MR530it sublimates an urban look when selected in its classic format.

How to properly wear the white New Balance sneakers? For the white MR530, dare the nylon cycling shorts, the high white socks and the oversized hoodie to emulate the timeless vibe of Lady Diana post workout. An effortless look that highlights the legs. For the New Balance GW500, well-cut jeans will be admirable. Pair your denim with a small cardigan, a leather shoulder bag and you’re done. Just take your best photos for Instagram.

The most adored: Nike white basketball

The international success of Nike is well established. If you want to learn more about the company’s secrets of success and (re)discover its iconic sneakers, don’t hesitate to take a look at our ultimate fashion guide to the most beautiful sneakers. And on the side of white sneakers, the American company knows how to satisfy the slightest desire, and any aesthetic. Are you in a retro mood this fall 2022? Think no more: Blazer Mid ’77 is the sneaker for you. Slightly raised, semi-flat sole and vintage lines to give your silhouette an air of the 1980s. Downright more sporty, the Air Max 90 sneakers are also an essential of the brand, both for the practice of physical activity and sport only to boost her fashion quotient on the street.

Blazer Mid'77 sneakers

Blazer Mid’77 sneakers



How to properly wear the white Nike basketball? For the sports models, wear them with your best outfits sportswear. Leggings, hoodie, tight black nylon t-shirt, mid-height sports socks, banana bag worn over the shoulder… Air Max 90 is very effective in bringing you cachet on the field or in the room. For city trainers, opt for a more casual look: jeans, t-shirts and hoodies will be your elegant pieces this fall to pair with your most beautiful Blazer Mid ’77.

The most timeless: Adidas white trainers

Are you eyeing a lot of Adidas sneakers but don’t know which one to choose? In this case, we have only one advice: go for white sneakers. Between the legendary Stan Smith who has not aged a bit since the 1960s and the SuperStar who manages to defy generations and trends, the hardest part will be to choose. For sport, the city or an evening, note that Adidas will always offer you the most suitable models for all your moments of life. To find out more about the season’s key models, head to our guide to best Adidas sneakers of the year.

How to properly wear the Adidas white basketball? Again, the white Adidas sneaker goes with everything. Whether it’s raining, snowing or the sun is beating down all day, the weather will never get the better of your sartorial character if you have white Adidas shoes on your feet. We love them with an allure casual, or even with an ultra original style to break the eccentric side with a touch of simplicity. For more sporty sneakers, we’re a fan of the long flowing animal print dress and chunky-soled sneakers combo, resolutely in tune with the times.

The most iconic: Converse

How to end this selection without mentioning the models of rigor of 2022: the converse. Ultra popular in the 1980s, Converse was finally bought by Nike in 2003. Since then, it has been impossible for the brand to grow old. Incarnation of the Fountain of Youth, Converse sneakers know how to adapt to mores and the spirit of the times, even if it means becoming an ultra-committed brand for the causes that are close to their hearts. We understand it, for example, through the many collaborations of the label which, each year, do not fail to make noise. From the model chuck taylor hyper classic to the version All Star Move Canvas Hi ultra generation Z, hard not to find Converse at its feet.

How to properly wear the white Converse sneakers? Embedded in popular culture since its launch, Converse is a street-loved brand. Wear them with a style inspired by the skate culture is a great idea, and ultra fashion. Wide jeans, oversized black patterned t-shirt, cap and retro sunglasses are all pieces that automatically pay tribute to a nice pair of white Converse. We love: a very simple look enhanced by a pair of white Converse with original and colorful details.

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