Top 20 of the funniest tweets about cinema, we had almost forgotten its existence

Top 20 of the funniest tweets about cinema, we had almost forgotten its existence

In a time not so long ago, watching content in streaming wasn’t that common, and netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and consort were not yet masters of the world. Because if many have obviously forgotten it, there is a wonderful place where you can isolate yourself and enjoy a good film on big screen and in the best possible conditions: the movie theater. A dream place, if there hadn’t been successive confinements, if we weren’t given yet another sequel to French comedies, and if we could not sell a kidney with each packet of bought popcorn. In short, we have selected for you the 20 tweets most funny on the movie theatera place that is definitely not unanimous.


– Gneu gneu Gneu nobody goes to the cinema anymore

July 27, 2021


I had a date with a guy at the cinema, it was the second time we saw each other. In the middle of the movie he got up and told me he wanted to go get something to eat, he never came back

October 2, 2021


On the brink of inventing cinema

October 18, 2018


The French public: “We want a cinema of good quality and more accessible!”

The cinema industry in France: “Here is a place for Tuches 7 for 27 euros, drink not included.”

Everyone: *Subscribes to Netflix*

The cinema industry in France:

May 15, 2019


The Harry Potters who will be at the cinema in September mdrrr if they think that I will pay to see films that I know by heart they are totally right

July 3, 2018


The Pubs at the Cinema saves the latecomers

December 23, 2021


Cinema: “Netflix kills cinema”

The movie theater:

June 21, 2019


On the other hand, go to the movies to talk loudly and laugh out loud, take a Netflix subscription and stay with your big daronnes

July 7, 2021


There are still guys who went to the cinema and filmed with their phone screen for 2h14 to offer us the film in HDCAM quickly on streaming sites and all that while earning 0€TTC… rarely seen such a level altruism

September 17, 2021


‘Netflix’ is killing cinema.

The cinema price

September 9, 2020


But already who takes salty popcorns at the cinema? That’s a crazy thing

December 19, 2021


going to the cinema with someone who is too talkative I can’t, we’re 5 minutes into the film you ask me “why did he die? “Hey, but she’s his wife, isn’t she?” » I don’t know brother

June 7, 2020


I’m at the movies, there’s a couple behind me and the girl is talking with a baby voice I’m going to break everything

July 3, 2021


First date: cinema
Second date:

April 19, 2019


I would take you to the cinema but they don’t allow sweets inside

May 19, 2021


May 19 when I will try to go to the cinema without having had the vaccine

April 30, 2021


No vaccine so no more movies no more incredible restaurants the savings I’m going to buy a golf 7r at the end of the year

July 12, 2021


I just bumped into a guy in a hallway and all his papers spilled over, we bent down to pick them up together, and instead of immediately falling in love with me, the guy yells at me.

The cinema is lying to you. Know it.

January 5, 2018


4€30 for a small bottle of water at the cinema it would be nice if they calmed down one day, to calm down just a little it would be cool, to be a little calmer overall

July 12, 2020


No one:

French cinema: then it is the story of a bourgeois who wants to save a black or Arab person from his destiny of misery

April 17, 2022

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