Tony thinks Kelly is his daughter (ITC Episode 434 Summary)

ici tout commence du 1er juillet 2022 News Actual

“Here it all begins” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for ITC’s Friday, July 1, 2022 Episode 434. In your daily seriesuA spoilsport invites itself at the last minute during the ordeal of the excluded. An estranged couple continue to tear each other apart. The secret of a past love story resurfaces.


here it all starts from July 1, 2022 News Actual

The summary of Here it all begins from Thursday, June 30, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Here it all begins Summary of episode 434 of July 1, 2022

Célia goes to the Institute to return her uniforms and meets Hortense and Eliott. It is now official. Célia is no longer part of the prestigious school. Eliott and Hortense are sad. They will miss Celia. She tells them that it will be reciprocal and hugs her friends. The young woman makes them promise not to let themselves be devoured by Teyssier and then makes sure that they will not forget him. A lovely emotional moment.

A little later, Hortense creates a book with all the recipes she has made with Célia. She wants to give it to him as a souvenir. The young woman confides to Eliott that without Célia, it won’t be the same without her. Present, Mehdi remarks to his girlfriend that she is just leaving the Institute and that they will see her again. To mark Celia’s departure from school, Mehdi suggests that they throw a surprise party at the Institute. Eliott thinks it’s too hot and he should do it outside. Mehdi offers them to do it at Célia in the marshes. A little later, the young woman discovers the surprise prepared by her friends and she is very moved. Hortense and Eliott each in turn make Célia a nice declaration of friendship. That’s when Theo arrives to collect his belongings. Célia invites him to have a drink with her and her friends. Theo declines his invitation. Although the couple are separated, they continue to tear each other apart. Celia decides on a whim to give Theo back a bracelet he gave her. She makes him believe that she doesn’t really love him and suggests that he give it to Charlene since family is important to him. Then, Célia declares to Theo that their relationship is like this bracelet, it’s fake.. Theo leaves without saying a word.


Teyssier on the verge of discovering the truth

Théo managed to convince his father to give a talk at the Gastronomy Congress being held in Arles. Year 1 students will be able to retake their exam this afternoon. Clotilde and Antoine bring Ambre to the management office to tell her the good news. But Clotilde warns the young woman. They will have to be intransigent if they want to convince Chief Teyssier to keep them. Amber assures him that they will give their best. Clotilde then explains to him that they will have two hours to make their dishes. Then, it will be Antoine and her to convince Teyssier to taste them. But not everything will go as planned.

Chef Teyssier forgot that today is the anniversary of his meeting with Constance. He apologizes to his wife and wants to cancel his participation in the congress. Constance is understanding and explains to him that they will celebrate this anniversary on another day. Emmanuel assures his wife that he will be able to make amends.

Moreover, he decides to cancel his participation in the congress to celebrate this anniversary with the woman of his life and reserves for her a nice surprise, a picnic at the edge of the water. Emmanuel makes a pretty declaration of love to the one who makes him a better man every day. Emmanuel then makes his wife believe that he had to improvise and that she will therefore have to wait a bit for her gift. Constance then remembers the first necklace that her husband gave her. It was a small chain with a star pendant at the end. Constance remembers crying when she lost it. Emmanuel asks his wife to taste the strawberries. Constance discovers at the bottom of the basket, a pretty necklace. Moved, Constance tells her husband how much she loves him.

As the race approaches, Jasmine has a stomach ache. She stresses at the idea of ​​failing her exam and therefore leaving the Institute. Axel advises him to redo the film of his exam, but in a positive version. Then, he asks her to close her eyes and visualize her actions in the kitchen. Axel manages to calm him down a bit.

Tom has finally changed his mind and is taking the test with his friends. The excluded must reproduce a coastal turbot flowing with peas with fir buds and Tahitian vanilla. Jasmine inherits the vegetarian version. The students then go to the kitchen. But terror spreads to the kitchens when Antoine sees Teyssier heading for the kitchen. Neither one nor two, the students get rid of everything and clean the work surfaces. All the students have had time to leave the kitchen, except Ambre. Teyssier asks him for an explanation of his presence.

Is Tony Kelly’s father?

In the marshes, Tony learns from Gaëtan that Laetitia is in a relationship with Guillaume Devaut, the Institute’s deputy headmaster. The unexpected arrival of Kelly puts an end to their discussion. The girl noticed the way Tony and his mother looked at each other the last time. She suspects them of having been more than just friends. Tony confirms to her that they went out together and that they had a great story. Kelly would like the past to stay where it is. Her mother is currently having an affair with a man who is nice and who treats her well. Kelly asks Tony not to mess up their relationship. The latter assures him that this is not his intention.

Upon her return to the Institute, Kelly explains to her mother that she went to see her ex. Guillaume overhears their discussion. Laetitia reveals to him that she had a brief love story when she was a teenager with the delivery man who came to deliver their meal to them the other day. She then assures Guillaume that he has nothing to fear, that it was a short story that dates back some twenty years.

For his part, at the marshes, Tony scrutinizes Kelly’s profile on Instagram. Gaëtan surprises him. Tony questions him and tries to find out if Gaëtan knows Kelly’s father, which is not the case. Tony then tells him of his doubts. Kelly is 17 years old and her story with Laetitia dates back 18 years. Tony wonders if Kelly would not be his daughter..

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