Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1219 of Thursday June 30, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1219 of Thursday June 30, 2022 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Justin is suspected of being responsible for the explosion of the farmhouse and the attack on Alex, Nathan manages to get hired at the straw hut. At the same time, Manon falls for Nordine.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday June 30 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

Justin is suspected by the police

After the assault he suffered at the mas, Alex suffers from neck pain. Robin, who came to his aid, tells him that the funds and the money for the renovation of the pontoon have been stolen and that is therefore what his attacker was looking for. Alex can’t believe it and wonders who can blame them so much.

At the police station, Roxane reveals to Martin that the journalist who wrote the incriminating article against the Delcourt-Bertrand farmhouse had received his information by means of an anonymous email and that he did not try to find out whether the details of the explosion were true. He just wanted to make the buzz. However, it is impossible to trace the sender of the email. Who is certainly the person who blew up the mas. Martin then asks Roxane and Damien to do a search on the cell phones that went to the farmhouse at the time of Alex’s assault.

By cross-referencing this information with the telephones that stopped nearby on the evening of the inauguration, one name stands out: that of Justin, the employee of the previous owner. Georges shares this discovery with Alex who explains to him that he had a disagreement with Justin when he became part-time. Justin refused and preferred to slam the door. George wonders: Could Justin have been so angry with Alex that he caused an explosion and stole some money from him?

Karim is afraid of not regaining the use of his hand and seems more and more annoyed. Anna tries to reassure him but, in reality, she is just as worried as he is. So she visits Bénédicte Daunier to get a professional opinion. Bénédicte confesses to her that she has had several post-microsurgery patients and reassures her: each time everything has gone very well. Of course, it is a difficult period that can last several months. But, according to her, if Karim hangs on, he should easily recover the use of his hand.

Anna is relieved and ends up slipping away when Robin Bellanger arrives. The latter has an appointment with Bénédicte for his capsulitis. He is visibly still troubled by Bénédicte. And the feeling seems mutual.

At the Mas, Noa continues to be jealous of Jordan. The tone rises quickly between them. Judith ends up intervening before they come to blows. She can’t stand their arguments anymore. She asks Noa to stop with his insinuations about an alleged rapprochement between Jordan and her because Jordan is simply there to work.

At the police station, Justin is interviewed by Martin. He admits going to the farmhouse on the evening of the inauguration to take a look at the party, but claims not to have stayed. Nordine brings Martin some cash found in Justin’s bathroom during the search of his home. Pushed against the wall, Justin admits to Martin having stolen this money from the Mas. He believes that Alex owed him this sum since he had agreed to keep it. Justin swears, however, that he did not sabotage the inauguration party. He also admits to seeing someone watching the mas the day he stole the money. But he did not see it well and cannot describe it. Martin, who does not believe him, places him in custody.

At the Spoon, Bart does the accounts and confides to Audrey that he didn’t sell any oysters today because of the article on the Delcourt farmhouse. Although they are excellent, customers do not want to know anything and are suspicious. Bart, who will have to end up throwing the baskets away, offers one to his waitress who is delighted. But in the evening, when she has just eaten an oyster to show Leo how to taste this dish, Audrey begins to feel bad. She faints and falls to the ground, unconscious.

Sofia reads Manon like an open book

Aurore offers her daughter to help her revise for her competition, but Manon replies that she prefers to work with Nordine. The apprentice cop then goes to Sofia’s room to borrow a top, and her sister can’t help teasing her about Nordine. She is convinced that she fell in love with him. Manon denies and assures that she simply finds him nice.

Later, she meets Nordine at the Spoon at lunchtime to revise. Sofia arrives and interrupts them to finally meet Nordine, about whom her sister talks so much. Nordine then announces to Manon that he has to go back to work and leaves the Spoon.

Sofia then has fun making her sister believe that she finds Nordine somewhat common. A remark that does not please Manon who assures that Nordine has nothing of Monsieur Tout-le-monde. For her, he is lively, sweet, caring, and funny. Sofia then points out to her sister that her eyes sparkle when she talks about Nordine. For her, it’s obvious: Manon has a crush on the young cop.

Nathan provokes fate

A few days from the results of the baccalaureate, Mona is terribly anxious. Nathan encourages her to be positive and lets her know that if he gets the baccalaureate, it will be thanks to her. Mona is happy to have been able to welcome him to the roommate and lets him know that he can stay a few more days. Soraya and Noor agreed.

Mona then asks Nathan what his plans are for the holidays, and the young man replies that he is going to stay in Sète and that he is looking for a summer job. He asked Charlie to recruit him to the hut, but she refused. Still, Nathan sees himself working there very well. Mona, who feels him extremely motivated, then pushes him to go back to see Charlie to make her change her mind.

Determined to prove his talents, Nathan arrives on the beach and tries to entertain the customers of the hut with music. But Charlie, very upset, asks her to stop and leave her customers alone.

Taking advantage of the absence of his friend, who has gone shopping, Nathan nevertheless continues to set the mood on the beach. Sylvain is delighted with the situation, which pushes customers to consume, and does not hesitate to congratulate Charlie on his return. The young woman then pretends that she had the idea of ​​hiring Nathan.

Faced with this success, Charlie ends up agreeing to hire Nathan. After negotiation, the young man obtains a fixed salary, 5% on drinks, and a t-shirt with the logo of the hut.

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