Three reds and an interruption of the match … Metz dark (3-6) against Guingamp

Three reds and an interruption of the match ... Metz dark (3-6) against Guingamp

Three red cards, match interrupted after the irruption of a spectator on the lawn: Guingamp went to win in Metz (6-3) Monday to close the 8th day of Ligue 2, after a meeting which will not restore the image of French football.

In the 56th minute, shortly after the referee, Pierre Gaillouste, issued a third red card against a Metz player, a spectator escaped the vigilance of the stewards and entered the lawn to invective him , before being caught and evacuated by the security service.

In the process, the referee went to the benches and told the coaches that he was interrupting the match because the safety of the refereeing body was no longer assured, according to comments from the fourth referee taken up by the broadcaster beIN Sport.

The interruption finally lasted 25 minutes and the match was able to resume after an announcement from the announcer indicating that the meeting would be definitively stopped at the slightest new incident.

“A Bad Movie”

“It’s disappointing for the show, a referee should not be an actor in a match, the actors are the players. He wants to be an actor, it’s a bad film, ”lamented Pierre Dréossi, the sports director of Metz, at the microphone of beIN Sport just after the resumption of the debates. Coach Laszlo Bölöni denounced “a referee who made the show”.

The first quarter of an hour had however been crazy, in the good sense of the term, since the Mosellens led 3 to 1 thanks to a double from Ablie Jallow (10th, 15th) and an own goal from Vincent Manceau from the second minute.

Jérémy Livolant had meanwhile temporarily equalized from the penalty spot (9th). But at the half-hour mark, Pierre Gaillouste showed a first red card for a Moselle player: Kiki Kouyaté, warned at first, was stupidly excluded for having vehemently contested this sanction and precipitated the defeat of his team. (31st).

Stephen Quemper first reduced the score for the Bretons at the start of added time (45th + 1), before the referee whistled a second penalty in favor of Guingamp.

Oukidja in tears

Goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja, who was returning from a three-match suspension, was penalized for involuntarily touching Livolant with his foot on an innocuous aerial outing and was sent off directly by the referee.

The Lorraine goalkeeper came out of the lawn in tears after this very severe decision which set fire to the powder. Gaëtan Courtet did not tremble to bring the Guingampais up to the Messins just before the break (45th + 7).

“The first penalty seems contentious to me, the second ridiculous (…) I had the impression that the referee wanted to change the result of the match, that’s what is rather worrying,” Dréossi told the broadcaster after the match. .

Shortly after returning from the locker room, the referee, copiously whistled and insulted by the public, sent a third red card to a player from Metz, Danley Jean-Jacques, for a violent tackle on the tibia of Tristan Muyumba (56th).

The match was then interrupted and after the resumption, the Messins, reduced to eight, defended heroically but ended up cracking against effective Guingampais by conceding three new goals from Dylan Louiserre (69th), Warren Tchimbembé (85th) and Livolant (88th).

Thanks to this victory, the Bretons go back to sixth place with 13 points, while the Lorrains fall back to eighth place with 11 units on the clock. On the fourth day, Metz had already wasted a two-goal advantage on the lawn of Laval (3-3) after the exclusion of Oukidja for an uncontrolled outing outside its surface.

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