this “heartbreaking news” which affects the couple

this "heartbreaking news" which affects the couple

Kate Middleton and the Prince William are in mourning. their loved one, Lady Deborah James, unfortunately died of illness. This Tuesday, June 28, his family announced his death on his Instagram account. She had a cancer end-stage bowel, which she had been battling for 5 years.

For her fight against cancer, Deborah James received the honorary title of ” Lady “, awarded after approval by Queen Elizabeth. the Prince William went to her home to award her this title. Known by the pseudonym ” Bowel Babe on Instagram, where she was followed by a million subscribers, she had announced, in mid-May, to be in palliative care. For months, she told on the social network her daily fight against her cancer.

Kate Middleton and William deal with grief

Far from giving up her fight, she had called on her community to make donations for research. She had set herself the goal of harvesting 250,000 pounds before she died and had harvested nearly 7 million in a few weeks, after a campaign that went viral on social networks. Since her diagnosis in 2016, Deborah James, a former vice-principal, had made a name for herself by co-hosting the podcast of the BBC, You, Me and the Big C, a very popular program in the United Kingdom, which aims to raise awareness about cancer. She also wrote a book about her illness, titled F*** You Cancer.

Deborah James passed away at the age of 40 years. His death caused an outpouring of sadness in the UK and on social media. “JI am deeply saddened to learn of the death of Dame Deborah James. What an inspiration she has been to so many! »reacted the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on Twitter. ” Thanks to her, many lives will be saved. »he added.

Kate Middleton and Prince William also shared their grief on Twitter. ” We are so sad to hear the heartbreaking news regarding Lady Deborah. Our thoughts are with his children, family and loved ones. Deborah was an inspiring and steadfastly courageous woman whose legacy will live on”, they wrote. Married to Sébastien, Deborah James leaves behind her two children, Hugo, 14 years old and Héloïse, 12 years old. These are more than 60,000 peoplepersonalities or strangers, who sent their condolences under the Instagram post announcing his death.

A wave of sadness in the UK

In addition to the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, the whole of the United Kingdom shared his pain. More 60,000 people sent their condolences under the Instagram post announcing his passing. The photo was accompanied by a caption written by his relatives. ” We are very sad to announce the death of Dame Deborah James, a wonderful wife, daughter, sister, mother. Deborah left peacefully today, surrounded by her family”is it written.

Deborah James wished to address a last message before being carried away by the disease. This was shared by his family, in the Instagram post announcing his death. ” Live a life where you thrive, love deeply, have no regrets, and always have hope. And finally, watching your bowel movements could save your life. There is no doubt that Deborah James’ legacy will live on.

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