These Charentais bet on the june to finish with the money

These Charentais bet on the june to finish with the money

“My goal is to live…

“My goal is to live alongside the current euro system”, announces bluntly Danielle, sitting barefoot next to her display of ponchos. This afternoon, all trades settle in June. This cryptocurrency aims to overturn the table of finance. To put it simply, every day, each member receives ten junes. A kind of universal income. Special feature: no initial bet is required. For members, that changes everything.

Bankers shape the world in their image. We are giving back the role of banker to everyone.

Arnaud Fleuri receives guests in his two-storey house in Gond-Pontouvre. This native of Bordeaux participated in the development of the june, ten years ago. Since then, he has multiplied conferences to promote the concept. “It’s not a tool to make money but to eradicate poverty, depicts the thinker. As opposed to the runoff theory, we mean evaporation. Everyone is entitled to a share of wealth, even at the bottom of the disaster-stricken Larzac. Bankers shape a world in their image. We are giving back the role of banker to everyone. » The formula sucks. “We let ourselves be managed too much, here we take things in hand”enthuses Monique Chatenet, personal development coach at Bassac.

“We set our prices freely”

About 4,000 people join the web platform in France, Switzerland and Spain for the most part. They are about twenty in Charente. They consult their accounts there, pay online and hunt on Gchange, a Leboncoin with Free Money sauce (the other name of June). In short, classic in the crypto world. Except that it is not indexed to the euro. This is the second particularity. “We set our prices freely”boasts Danielle.

The editorial staff advises you

She mints her cent junes ponchos. “But you can give me more or less. » So how do you assess the value of a transaction? “Everyone does it his way, assumes Arnaud Fleuri. I believe that my monthly 300 junes should allow me to eat, take care of myself and lodge me. » He disburses according to this reading grid. An anarchic system that raises questions about its viability. Fanny Gervais, the market host, completes: “We negotiate, it leads to discussions on the value of the property in order to find a price that suits everyone. »

The movement materializes. “I bought pants between 50 and 100 junes, my son found a Polaroid for 250 junes”, illustrates Fanny Gervais on her way to her laughter yoga workshop. At the other end of the garden, Lucas, 34, stares at the screen of his smartphone. The grinder stops: “I paid you a hundred junes for four pounds, you tell me if that suits you”enjoins the Cognacais. “Yes very well”approves Marianne Aubert, bookseller in Saint-Sauvant (17).

The management controller adopts June

Before sporting long dreadlocks, Lucas spent his week in a suit. A graduate of a business school, he was a management controller before “slip. Today money is created by debt, I realized that it was not sustainable. » He leaves his job, returns to live with his parents and invests in “shared projects, volunteering”.

The participants choose the same goal: to get rid of money. “It is the slaves who earn their living, taunts Danielle. I dream of the society of the gift. » These antisystems perceive the june as a transition. “We must prepare society for free”, explains Danielle. She wouldn’t be able to live 100% in June anyway. Its suppliers have not yet started. Besides, it still accepts euros.

Exchanges in a vacuum

Junists make this a central argument: their model promotes encounters. Each newcomer must be “certified” by five sponsors for their account to be activated. “It pushes us to reach out to others, on Gmarkets (flea markets that accept June) », Danielle applauded. An ode to diversity quickly undermined.
Followers of the collapse theory, antivax, anti 5G and antisystems of all stripes make up the bulk of Junists. “Since the Covid, we have welcomed a lot of people who have cracked”, describes Arnaud Fleuri. A bit like Danielle, registered since October 2021, who has “Never wore a mask, (self) heals. » The bookseller Marianne Aubert, she sings the praises of Philippe Guillemant, a physicist who argued that the anti-Covid vaccines contained systems “digital identity” (lice or fleas). “You meet people who share the same values, it’s more interesting”, justifies Jeanne, a buyer. Sharing, yes, but between people of the same opinion.

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