these 3 signs will be VERY impacted

these 3 signs will be VERY impacted

The New Moon of June 2022, and its energy of tenderness and affection, has finally arrived! This lunation, dated this Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 4:53 a.m., aims to increase your sensitivity tenfold so that you can be in touch with your deepest emotions. It’s time to listen to your heart, because thanks to the climate of the sign of the season, reason is no longer in control!

This New Moon is an opportunity to learn (or relearn) how to take care. The key to the success of this lunar phase is to get in tune with the sign who dominates ite. Taking care of yourself and others is the best way to show them your love.

Preserving and sheltering from danger are the main functions of the sign of the crab which represents motherhood and gestation in astrology. Its ruling planet, the Moon, rules emotions and today demands that you make an extra effort to decode and understand them.

The energy of this Moon is very favorable for moving and for putting down roots in a place or a situation. The energy will settle in a positive way and help you create your nest and a sense of belonging. This is the time to sow your intentions for the next 6 months in relation to everything related to the home and your internal world.

Horoscope: Which signs will bring out the effects of the New Moon in Cancer the most?

Three signs will feel the effects of the New Moon more strongly than the others. Find out if yours is one of them!


You begin to notice that something that was blocking in a family bond or in your home begins to move forward in a positive way. The succession of eclipses of this first part of the year 2022 have not given you respite. You will feel with the energy of the New Moon, that the energy begins to flow more harmoniously in your life.


Your sign is in the spotlight of this New Moon and you will be at the highest of your energetic vibration. Know how to keep your strength to work on the emotions, which are currently in constant influx to the surface. If you do it well workyou will see that at the end of the tunnel, the reward will be the lightness that brings a good emotional cleansing.


The New Moon in Cancer illuminates your house of creativity and romance, square with Jupiter in Aries in your material zone. It’s time to reassess the value of your work and what you create. Appreciate the true value of your creative process and take action, as your potential tends to be underestimated by your own lack of self-confidence.

Astro: what is the astral conjuncture of the sky during this New Moon?

This New Moon has the particularity of occurring at the same time as a square of Jupiter in the sign of Aries, an astral configuration that only repeats itself every 12 years. This energy will make you believe that you can do everything on your own. Your ego will be inflated, and will want to be self-sufficient. But the reality is that the New Moon is not there to bolster the ego’s mirages, but to help us understand what our soul needs. This will be valid for the whole of the beginning of July, which will be marked by overconfidence. Be vigilant, and keep a cool head.

On the other hand, Neptune, which began its retrograde yesterday, Tuesday, June 28, 2022, invites you to assess what fantasies and illusions guide you, but which are not in line with your reality. That is to say, take stock of our dreams and keep only those who can direct you to real realizations and accomplishments.

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