the “very British” humor of Queen Elizabeth II

the "very British" humor of Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96. Christopher Furlong / POOL / AFP

FOCUS- Known for her brightly colored outfits, her strength of character, the former British monarch knew how to amuse her many interlocutors with mischief and audacity.

We recognized her from afar with her felt hats, her long coats of a thousand colors, her slight smile and her piercing blue eyes. But also his reparteeso british“. Behind the image of the iron-handed stateswoman, Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday, September 8, was also known for her sense of humor. His grandson Harry, even admitted with a smile in an interview on American television that his “great sense of humor” was “its highest quality and charm“. Review of his best verbal jousting.

A repartee “tongue-in-cheek”

Accustomed to large meetings with heads of state, to important decisions in the face of dark times, Queen Elizabeth has always known how to have the word to laugh and relax her interlocutors. In June 2021, the G7 is meeting in Amsterdam with the program on Covid-19, its economic and social consequences. At the time of the official photo, while the tone is serious, the sovereign, draped in a pale flowery dress, breaks the silence by questioning: “Are we supposed to act like we’re having fun?“.

The members of the G7 gathered in Cornwall on June 10-13, 2022. JACK HILL / POOL / AFP

A few years earlier, in 2015, while the Queen was visiting Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ventured to highlight her longevity. A remark that stung the Sovereign then 89 years old. “Thank you Prime Minister of Canada for making me feel so old“, she replied. A repartee tactic that she uses at leisure, as in 2017 with Martin McGuinness, Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland for ten years. When asked by the former IRA fighter,how are you“, she answers “thanks for asking, i’m still alive“.

Sense of self-mockery

Whereas little Elizabeth was not destined for the throne, as she grew older, she always knew how to play on her celebrity. One summer, enjoying the calm of Scotland and of the wonders of his Balmoral residence, she meets two American tourists. “Have you ever met the queen?“, they inquire. Gesturing to her bodyguard, who was following her closely, the queen replied: “No, but he does it every day“.

Far from the hustle and bustle of London, the queen particularly enjoyed her residence at Balmoral for walking around unknown. Andrew Milligan/POOL/AFP

Younger already, entering a store, a saleswoman calls out to her and points out that she looks like the Queen of England. With a slight smile, she replies:If you only knew how reassuring it is“.

A monarch who was careful to keep her intimate life secret. It was only in her last years of life that she got caught up in the game of cameras and the seventh art. A few months before her disappearance, Elizabeth II replied to the famous British teddy bear Paddington, discussing the habits of the delicious “tee timeand marmalade sandwiches.

Even more epic, it was on Daniel Craig’s arm and then parachuted above the stadium that the Queen opened the ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2012. The illustrious James Bond actor entered Buckingham Palace to look for his owner. , dressed in pink. “Good evening Mr Bond“, she greets him, agreeing to interrupt his work on a background of classical music. From her legendary phlegm, she then catches her fuck-in-town, closely followed by her two faithful Corgi to go to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, where a crowd welcomes her with ardor.

A remarkable entrance on the screens for a woman who, as a little girl, “dreamed of being an actress“. After having made the confession to François Hollande, then president, the latter replied: “But somehow you are!“. “Yes, but it’s the same text every day !”, retorts the sovereign.

Strong taste for stuffing

Queen Elizabeth liked to laugh at her own jokes. In 2014, she infiltrated a selfie of two Australian tourists during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Still more comical, in 1988, when Crown Prince Abdallah ben Abdelaziz Al Saud visits the British Crown, she promises him a ride in his beloved Scotland. Surprised to see a woman driving, the Saudi sits in the passenger seat of the royal Land Rover. The queen rushes off, ignoring her passenger’s orders to slow down. The princely keffiyeh would even have flown away…


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