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New aid announced for households, lotto money going to farmers and crypto investments gone wrong.

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This week, we offer you three finance related news. One evokes a new financial aid announced by the French government. This aid concerns people who heat themselves with fuel oil. Next, another news item about money, but this time it’s about a lotto win used to help people in distress, here farmers. And finally, here are some testimonials that have just been made public. Of the cryptocurrency investors explain the flip side of crypto investing.

The French government announces aid for heating with fuel oil

On September 19, 2022, the French government decided to announce some pretty good news to French homes that heat with fuel oil. To help them deal with decline in purchasing powerthe Ministry of the Economy has decided to allocate a sum of money for households that use fuel oil as energy. A new measure that is anchored in their project to reduce energy consumption in France.

This winter 2022 – 2023, France will experience a difficult period where the inhabitants will therefore be invited to make energy restrictions. Otherwise, we could be subject to a blackout, as Emmanuel Macron and the RTE had pointed out.

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Thus, aid will be donated to the most modest households. 1.5 million people in the country. Normally, the payment of this aid is done automatically, without any action on your part. According to the official Public Service website, the aid will be 100 to 200 € depending on household income.

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A woman wins a large sum of money in the lottery and donates it to farmers

Sometimes the generosity of people is unsuspected. In Sarthe, a woman won a very large sum of money this Saturday, September 3, 2022. A 16 million euro jackpot rwon while playing the lottery via the Française des Jeux.

Remained anonymous, the new millionaire was a occasional player who tries his luck only for the Saturday lotto draw. She still ticks the same numbers, randomly selected, a few months ago”said the tobacconist / press in which she won the prize.

“I couldn’t contain my emotions between tears, cries and joy. I even went around my table fifteen times for no reason”nevertheless expressed the big winner.

The latter explains that when she realized that she won the lottery, she hastened to call her best friend. The young forties would have told him “La Sarthe, it’s me”referring to the department that had won the jackpot. At the end of the line, her best friend watched the prize and then announced the sum that the winner had just won. “I shouted my joy on the phone when my friend told me the amount”explains the millionaire.

win money lotto farmers

But what is this woman going to do with all this money? According to her, of multiple projects are swirling around in his head. She thinks of making purchases for herself, but also for her loved ones, why not invest. But, above all, she indicated that she would help people in distress, thanks to this money.

“She is considering in particular a retraining towards a profession of passion and travels to the four corners of the world. It also wishes to support children with disabilities and struggling farmerstwo causes that are particularly close to his heart.can we read in Ouest France.

“If I can help, I want to do it”she said.

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“I lost my money”: cryptocurrency investors testify

Already an investment is a gamble… so invest in crypto! 8% of French people hold cryptocurrencies. Investors in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency cannot really know in advance if they will make a return on their stake. Or if they’re going to lose everything.

Even with calculations, price monitoring, it is quite complex to predict behavior on the stock market. This is a reality that has recently been highlighted by the testimonies of various retail investors in crypto. The latter all lost a lot of money in September 2022. Indeed, Bitcoin fell sharply, below $30,000. A drop in price that also caused other cryptocurrencies to melt.

Charles’ hope-filled testimony

This is precisely what Charles, 35, says. The latter is home help for people with disabilities and had invested in the Cosmos Blockchain. A currency that has fallen with the decline of Bitcoin and other crytos.

I was at 11,000 dollars and i am now at $4,000. At least, for now. But I still believe it. The former founder of Cosmos, Jae Kwon, is on a smart contract project, which will make it possible to make a transaction that can be reversed. Am I trusting something irrationally? In any case, I believe in it”thus explained Charles. “I’m not down. I’m disappointed. But I see the future in there, I’m hopeful. I came back in July 2021, I saw the rise of cryptocurrencies, but since I didn’t sell anything, I’m a big loser. Especially, because I’m not very knowledgeable.he also assures.

“I just wanted to sell cryptocurrency to finish building the house by early July, but there the market is very low. For the moment, I don’t want to touch my cryptocurrencies, so I have sold my scooter 2700 euros to pay for part of the work. Even with the sale of the scooter, it will not be enough, I will have to take out about 3,000 euros from my Kepler wallet by early July to finish paying for the work on the house”explains Charles, with regret.

crypto investor testimonials

Etienne explains his money losses and gains with crypto

Another cryptocurrency investor also gave his testimony on the subject. This is Etienne, 34 years old. He works in sports. He had invested in the Luna and explains that he faced the melting of the currency.

“I lost some money on luna, on which I had realized nice gains too. It would have been largely devastating for me if it had happened a month before. I especially learned a lot about the risk management. I am and will be a little more cautious with this event, that’s for sure. I lost money, but most of all I learned”assures Etienne.

Nicolas assures that it is safer to invest in better known cryptos

For Nicolas, communications officer, there is no doubt about investing in cryptocurrency. Younger cryptos are less reliable, he says.

I told myself that I was going to invest money that I was ready to lose. I put 100 euros more to arrive at 200 euros, then gradually, I arrived at 250 euros, I had made a capital gain of a few euros”explains Nicholas.

“But last week, with the crypto crash, my portfolio was halved. Unlike those close to me who now decide to put their Livret A savings or part of their interest or participation in cryptocurrencies, I prefer to be careful on the amounts. Last week I actually saw my portfolio cut in half, but I continue to have faith in this market.”

” In general, I observe their course over a month, six months or a year. I tell myself that there can always be a potential gain at some point or another. It’s a little like in the casino. I am fully aware that my wallet can fly away. What surprises him above all is the sensitivity of cryptocurrencies to current events”.

“I was surprised when the cryptocurrency market reacted to the news of the war in Ukraine. Similarly, all it takes is for Elon Musk to tweet about a cryptocurrency for my investment of 10 euros is multiplied by 1000. It is the sign of a living ecosystem that is being built, in which some players burn and others succeed. We don’t see anything much different from the Internet bubble of the 2000s.

There are too many infrastructure blockchains today: some will die, it’s like that. Since my fundamental position is to believe in bitcoin first and foremost and use the rest to have fun and test new concepts in economics, I have no worries.”he concludes.


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