the technique for symmetrical, plumped and dewy lips (without make-up)

the technique for symmetrical, plumped and dewy lips (without make-up)
“Lip Blush”: the trendy technique for fuller, more colored lips, without make-up. Getty Images

This permanent tattoo method, which is experiencing a resurgence in popularity on social networks, creates a well-defined mouth, filled and colored, like a “lipstick” effect. The point with an expert.

Over 280 million views have been counted on the #lipblush hashtag on TikTok. Before/after videos mouths redesigned, enlarged and colored following a dermopigmentation session of the lips, bluff Internet users. This permanent makeup technique is far from new, but it has seen its popularity increase since the Covid-19 pandemic. “With the wearing of the compulsory mask, this service was in high demand, says Karla Incio, dermographer at the Gloss’up Skin & Beauty institute in Paris. As it was impractical to wear lipstick under the fabric, women could thus have a mouth already made up on a daily basis, without doing anything. The professional also observes still as much interest in this practice since its rebound on social networks.

The phenomenon is such that the Yelp platform places it at the top of its trend report for 2022, and notes a 130% increase in searches for the term “lip blushing” (1). And for good reason, this method responds to a triple aesthetic demand. By redrawing them with colored ink, the lips appear perfectly symmetrical, plumped and rosy; as if they were naturally permanently made up.

A personalized result

At the beginning of each session, the practitioner discusses with the client in order to establish a drawing of her “ideal” lips and to choose the desired shade. “We always advise to opt for a slightly darker and more lively color than the base one. Then, everyone is free to ask for a natural or more marked effect,” explains Karla Incio. The expert traces the new shape with a white pencil to give a first outline, then begins the procedure. “After disinfecting the area, we apply a soothing cream upstream. Then, we begin to insert the pigment using needles, like a tattoo, continues the dermographer. First, we redraw the line of the lips slightly, without darkening too much and then we color the interior.

In addition to saving time in the morning for lipstick addicts, “lip blushing” offers another advantage: “that of rectifying the asymmetry of the lips or “correcting” their color in those who have scars or inhomogeneities,” adds Karla Incio.

The specialist assures that “the pain is bearable, even if the mouth remains a sensitive area. The sensation is similar to that of a classic tattoo. On the other hand, this technique is prohibited for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as people under medical treatment or affected by poor healing of the skin.

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It is advisable to do a touch-up the following month in order to rectify the places where the pigment has not held well. “The color fades approximately 50% to 79% during healing, warns Karla Incio. Then, the pigmentation lasts between two and three years. It may fade a little over time, but the color never completely disappears.” On the price side, it is necessary to count between 400 and 500 euros for the first session (which lasts about two hours) and a hundred outstanding for touch-ups.

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