the teaser unveils Harrison Ford’s last adventure in the cinema

the teaser unveils Harrison Ford's last adventure in the cinema

Lucasfilm took advantage of the D23 Expo to reveal first images ofIndiana Jones 5the final part of the saga with Harrison Ford.

After the disappointment ofIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which already had the task of concluding the epic of the most famous archaeologist of cinema, 2023 will mark the return of this one, in order to end it once and for all. In effect, Indiana Jones 5 will probably be Harrison Ford’s last film, as this one declared, and there is no question of elaborating after that. Barring a reboot of the franchise (and we’re clearly not immune to it), Indy will experience his ultimate adventure in the next film, for which we all cross our fingers that he is up to it. .

We still don’t have a definitive title for the film directed by James Mangold nor any information on the side of the scenario. Nevertheless, a piece of the soundtrack of Indiana Jones 5 is already available for listening since John Williams was able to play it during a concert. We also know that the film should have many flashbacks to Indiana Jones’ past., if we are to believe the motion capture used to rejuvenate Harrison Ford. With a return to the past, this final chapter would come full circle, a hypothesis that would be confirmed by the first teaser revealed at D23.

Raiders of the Lost Ark : Photo Harrison FordSo begins the legend

For the moment exclusive to the public of the D23 Expo, the first teaser of Indiana Jones 5 would refer to the whole saga with a montage of extracts from all the films. With the voice of Harrison Ford declaring that “those days have come to fade” then, the film seems to play the nostalgic card again, in the manner of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which often evoked Indy’s old age and the loss of its former companions.

At the end of the assembly, a present-day Indiana Jones would then appear riding on horseback pursued by gunfire. The character of Boyd Holbrook (who already played the main antagonist in another saga conclusion, Logan) is thus revealed, along with many enemies of Indy. These corner him while the intrepid adventurer cracks his whip with the same iconic movement known to all. A feeling of return to the spirit of the original films which would have galvanized a good part of the assembly of the D23.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: photo, Sean Connery, Harrison FordAlways in bad shape

It’s not Steven Spielberg who will be in charge of finishing the story ofIndiana Jones; the filmmaker is also busy elsewhere, especially with his future film, The Fabelmans. It was James Mangold who, after many behind-the-scenes worries, found himself with the heavy burden of finishing the fifth episode of this cult cinematic epic.. While some will be disappointed that it is not Spielberg who is finishing what he started, it will be recalled that his Indiana Jones 4 was far from meeting expectations.

Conversely, he had more fun with The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, in the same register, where he could innovate more in the format of the adventure film than simply reproduce his old formula with lesser desires. A good reason to believe that James Mangold is more recommended to give the deserved saga ending for Harrison Ford and his character. The director is, for his part, more comfortable with the exercise of twilight filmshaving perfectly accomplished the mission with Loganand in another style, the superb Copland and Walk the line.

Logan : Foto Dafne Keen, Hugh JackmanEnd of course for legends

Until we have more information and a real trailer for Indiana Jones 5, we remain hopeful for the film. It could well be the last work of John Williams and Harrison Ford and it would be a shame if it were again a frank disappointment. Whether it leans towards nostalgia, a Spielberg homage or a twilight of idols, it’s certain that Indy will whip the whip more than once during the film, to please the fans, before say goodbye. The feature film should be released in France on June 28, 2023 in our cinemas.


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