the shopping scene at Jean’s place has caused a lot of reaction from Internet users… even Julien Doré!

the shopping scene at Jean's place has caused a lot of reaction from Internet users... even Julien Doré!

Love is in the meadow offered its second episode this Monday, August 29. It was marked by a particularly surreal shopping session at Jean’s, which amused Internet users and made Julien Doré react.

This Monday, August 29, M6 offered the second episode of season 17 of Love is in the meadow. If some farmers are still only speed-dating like Thierry who tries his luck again on the show after a disappointing first experience, others are already welcoming their suitors to the farm, like Sebastian or of Jeans. The first exchanges between the Corsican pig farmer and his guest were rather relaxed around the pig enclosure. On the other hand, things quickly became tense at Jean.

Love is in the meadow : Nathalie and Laurence clash over the choice of quiche dough

The farmer has indeed chosen to take his two guests for the traditional shopping session before the joint stay on the farm. And the stakes were high because the two women had the mission to gather enough food to organize a barbecue for 19 guests, but also to buy something to eat during the coming week. Immediately, the two women clashed on a crucial point. Nathalie wanted to make a pizza, while Laurence wanted to concoct a quiche Lorraine. As if this point of disagreement were not enough to divide them, the two contenders also disagreed on the type of dough to choose to cook a quiche. Nathalie defended the idea that she cooks with puff pastry, while Laurence swore by the broken leg. “The shortcrust pastry, it breaks”concluded the one Jean described as the look-alike of Annie Cordy. The two women were unaware that these races were a test concocted by the farmer to decide between them. Hostilities only seem to be starting between the two rivals.

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Internet users want more

These skirmishes between Nathalie and Laurence greatly amused Internet users on Twitter. “It’s going to end up in an octagon in between, I’m telling you…”, for example, noted one of them with humor. Viewers have also taken a position on the fiery debate of the evening: puff pastry or shortcrust pastry for the quiche. “RT if the quiche is made with shortcrust pastry. Liked for puff pastry”, tried a tweet. And even Julien Doré got into the game! He posted a poll to ask his subscribers which dough to favor. And for the moment, the balance was leaning heavily towards shortcrust pastry…

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