the Russian Ministry of Defense announces the withdrawal of its troops from Serpents’ Island

the Russian Ministry of Defense announces the withdrawal of its troops from Serpents' Island

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12:06 : It is noon. here are the main news headlines :

• More than six years after the attacks of November 13, the special assize court of Paris sentenced Salah Abdeslam to irreducible life imprisonment. The other defendants received sentences ranging from two years to life imprisonment.

• The rise in consumer prices in France accelerated further in June to reach 5.8% over one year, against 5.2% in May, according to an initial estimate by INSEE.

• The rebellious Eric Coquerel won the presidency of the Finance Committee after a third round of voting. He won against his RN rival, Jean-Philippe Tanguy.

The authorities installed by the Russian occupation forces in southern Ukraine have announced the departure of a first ship loaded with 7,000 tonnes of Ukrainian cereals from the port of Berdiansk, a first.

• France’s climate action is always “insufficient”, judges the High Council for the climate. The independent authority calls for a “climate action jolt” in our country.

11:46 : The Russian company Gazprom has given up paying dividends for the year 2021, in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine. “The shareholders decided that, in this situation, it was inappropriate to pay dividends”, indicated Famil Sadyrov, the vice-president of the board of directors. The company’s stock fell 27% by midday.

11:37 : The European Court of Human Rights, seized in urgent procedure, asked Moscow (in English) not to execute two British soldiers sentenced to death in Donetsk. Pro-Russian separatist authorities put them on trial for fighting with the Ukrainian army in Mariupol. The ECHR had already sent Moscow the same request for a Moroccan soldier on June 16.

11:08 : This strategic island, off Odessa, had been conquered at the start of the war by Russia, but fighting has recently intensified in the area. Last week, Moscow claimed to have destroyed drones in a Ukrainian attack and satellite images consulted by experts showed destruction on the islet. Other strikes and attacks had already been observed in the past.


10:51 a.m. : The Russian Defense Ministry announces the withdrawal of its troops from Serpents’ Island, saying they have completed the “tasks assigned to them”.

09:37 : Ship left busy Berdyansk port with 7,000 tons of grain, announces (in Russian) the head of the administration of the Zaporizhia region, controlled by the Russians. The cargo is protected by the Russian Navy. kyiv has been denouncing the theft of cereals on its land for several weeks.


06:39 : What are the major issues on which the European Union should intervene, in the context of the war in Ukraine? It is inflation and rising prices, for 63% of French people surveyed by the European Viavoice barometer. Next come the issue of energy sovereignty (62%) and conflict resolution (59%).


10:27 : The bombardment of the theater of Mariupol, last March 16, is “clearly a war crime” Russian, says an Amnesty International report. Satellite images show that there was no “no Ukrainian military presence around the theater”. At least a dozen people died in the attack, and “surely much more”. The town hall had reported 300 dead.


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