“The Rings of Power”, the series derived from “Lord of the Rings”, packs the critics

"The Rings of Power", the series derived from "Lord of the Rings", packs the critics

The Rings of Powerbroadcast on Prime Video from this Friday, has won the support of critics, who praise both its screenplay and its staging.

The long-awaited spin-off series Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power, does not disappoint. The series surprises with its narrative and visual qualities, according to the first reviews published in the press since Wednesday. Broadcast from this Friday on Prime Video, the series has received unanimous reviews. A feat when you know the prestige enjoyed by Peter Jackson’s trilogy.

Rings of Power has as its backdrop the “Second Age”, a fictional historical period of the universe invented by Tolkien and about which he has delivered relatively few details. The series takes place 4000 years before the film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. We find in the first season very rejuvenated versions of Galadriel and Elrond (Morfydd Clark and Robert Aramayo). Five ten-hour seasons are planned.

“Visually Impressive”

Only two episodes (out of eight) were shown to the press. But for Release, these “suggest a spectacular and successful season”. Same story in the columns of Telerama: “Visually impressive, both romantic and entertaining, the most expensive series in history perfectly fulfills its mission as a family blockbuster.”

For Numerama, The Rings of Power is “one of the most beautiful series ever produced”: “It’s a series that manages to give us moments of pause to appreciate what we are watching or a dialogue, like a painting. We marvel at a flight of fireflies, one is impressed when the gates of Valinor open in a blazing burst of light, one is captivated by a simple ceremony.”

the HuffPost also affirms to have “taken the eyes in front of the series”: “The two hours pass in a flash, between dazzling, tensions, enchantment, shivers of pleasure and sometimes of fear.” Emotion shared by FranceInfo: “The series gives us the same thrill as the first films of the saga, we are completely disoriented and immersed in this fascinating universe.”

“A paunchy plot”

On the other hand, the site brings a downside to the whole: “We regret that the first episode is a bit long to start, with a lot of information to store in a very short time. […] The spectator navigates between different places, flying over the map of Middle-earth and discovering in turn the many characters who will be part of the rings of power. A heaviness quickly forgotten during the second episode.

Le Figaro is also more measured, and cites “a few blunders”. “The pilot does not allow you to grasp the issues and looks like a headless trombinoscope”, “some action scenes break the rhythm unnecessarily. More to startle than to advance a paunchy plot”, deplores the daily, for who the series “seems to preach explosively childish naivety.” First also remains mixed:

“Too bad? So much the better? Where is the scam? really a film divided into episodes’ used by so many showrunners to praise the quality of their new series will have been so true. Seeing the two episodes of this first season feels like having finally seen the first twenty minutes of a massive three-hour blockbuster.”

On the other side of the Atlantic, variety sees it as a “courageous” series, which “fits well into the cinematic universe of Peter Jackson’s films”. In Great Britain, The Guardian play the comparison with house of the dragon, started 2 weeks ago on HBO. For the British daily the series The Rings of Power is so “astonishing” that house of the dragon looks next to “amateur”.

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