the revelations of the candidates of “Married at first sight” in “The Reunion”

Sexualité, tensions et fous rires: les révélations des candidats de «Mariés au premier regard» dans «The Reunion»

As with “Top Chef”, M6 is offering a show on its 6Play platform bringing together the candidates for season 6 of its romance program with the promise of unpublished “revelations and anecdotes”.

On June 17, the majority of participants in the sixth edition of “Married at First Sight” took the direction of Paris for the recording of “The Reunion”. In this bonus show airing exclusively on 6Play, as could be done recently with “Top Chef”the protagonists of the season look back on the highlights of their experience with psychologist Estelle Dossin. “Surprises colorful, revelations and anecdotes»assures M6 in its description, what is it really?

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An incomplete cast
The first observation when discovering the show is that several candidates for season 6 of “Married at first sight” did not respond to Estelle Dossin’s invitation. Of the 14 participants, three preferred to go about their business rather than stir up memories that were not necessarily pleasant for them. carolina like Axel, whose story only lasted 48 hours and who did not necessarily live well with the broadcast, declined the invitation. Same thing for Jauffrey, divorced from Cyndie and mad at the production.

The story of Pascal de Sutter
Before discovering Damien in Gibraltar, Pauline had exchanged a few words about her future husband with one of the show’s experts. “Pascal had told me that I was going to meet someone very charming but that I was perhaps going to tell myself, at first sight, that he has big ears and a big nose”told with amusement the one whose marriage is still relevant today.

Eddy had seen Jennifer before the show
On her drive from Gibraltar to the wedding banquet set up in Spain, the 37-year-old events manager realized he had seen his soon-to-be-wife before. “I actually know you, I follow you on social media”he confessed to her. “I followed her because she styled a lot of influencers in Lille, which I also follow”Eddy explained on set.

“Buy some crap!”
As a gift and to bridge the distance between them until they moved in together in Mougins, Bruno gave Alicia a parrot-shaped automaton in which he recorded the message: Alicia, I love you. When Estelle Dossin wanted to know what message Cyndie would have recorded for Jauffrey, Eddy offered: “Buy some crap!”. In reference to the broken toilets of the Marseille swimmer when he received his wife at his home. “Call a plumber »added Cyndie in general hilarity.

“We consummated the marriage and the shower did not resist”

Damien, candidate for season 6 of “Married at first sight”

Pauline and Damien’s muscular sexual encounters
Between the breakdown of the car that took them from Gibraltar to the wedding banquet in Spain and the problems of the plane to get to the place of their honeymoon, the newlyweds had a few misadventures. Eddy mentioned a “broken shower” of his colleagues during their stay. “Ah yeah, we weren’t supposed to say thatreplied Damien. We broke the shower, that’s it. We consummated the marriage and the shower did not resist. As they have just acquired a house and moved in together, they revealed with humor “practice” to have their first child.

Who made love on the evening of the wedding night?
Estelle Dossin dared to ask the question that everyone is asking and only Pauline and Damien admitted to having crossed the line the very evening of their meeting and their wedding. When Frédérick raised his hand laughing, Émilie displayed a most gloomy expression, obviously not appreciating the joke. A little later, Sandy and Alexandre ended up recognizing that they had also consummated their relationship from the first night.

What the show did not say…

Frédérick starts singing
Monday evening, after the very last episode of “Married at first sight”, Frédérick unveiled the musical epilogue of his experience. It is under his artist name, Derf, that he signed the title Everything will be better with a superb clip already viewed more than 25,000 times on YouTube. “A whole flood of emotions in recent weeks, thank you all for these intense moments. I wanted to share what I felt and it is necessarily in music.he wrote on the sidelines of this video.

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Who are the most followed on Instagram?
With 277,049 subscribers, Alicia is the big beneficiary of the season on social networks. The beautiful story of the young nurse with Bruno, her career and her personality made her the most popular candidate for this edition of “Married at first sight”. And widely! The full ranking:
1- Alicia (@alicia_mapr6): 277,049 subscribers
2- Bruno (@bruno_mapr6): 174.822
3- Paulina (@pauline_mapr6): 134.591
4- Jennifer (@jennifer_mapr6): 120.373
5- Emily (@emilie_mapr6): 109.766
6- Frederick (@frederick_mapr6): 84.108
7- Eddie (@eddy_mapr6): 79.638

8- Cyndie (@cyndie_mapr6): 79.348
9- Damian (@damien_mapr6): 76.197
10- Axel (@axel_n_dogs): 53.827
11- Jauffrey (@jauffrey_mapr6): 49.190
12- Alexander (@alex_mapr6): 47.175
13- Sandy (@sandy_mapr6): 42.412
14- Carolina (@caroline_mapr6): 40.828

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