The results of the legislative elections in Sweden give ideas to the French far right

The results of the legislative elections in Sweden give ideas to the French far right


The counting of the legislative elections in Sweden on Sunday September 11 (illustration)

POLITICS – The Stockholm Syndrome. After the announcement this Sunday, September 11 of the legislative results in Sweden, placing the extreme right of the party of Sweden Democrats by Jimmie Akesson at the gates of power, the French extreme right, from national rally at reconquest !, sees this as an encouraging sign for the upcoming deadlines.

Congratulations to the patriotic party of the Democrats of Sweden which achieves a real breakthrough in the general elections. Throughout Europe, people aspire to take their destiny back into their own hands! », tweeted Marine Le Pen, implicitly referring to what is happening on the side of Italy, or the far-right candidate Giorgia Meloniis the favorite to win on September 25.

Same reading from the side of the MEP RN Dominique Bilde who, in his congratulatory messagefeatures an Italian flag alongside that of Sweden.

Congratulations to Jimmie Akesson and the Sweden Democrats on their historic score tonight in the general election. Good news for Sweden of course, but also for the defense of our common European civilization,” went up for her part, Marion Maréchal, now executive vice-president of Reconquête!.

Enthusiasm shared, electoral scores in support, by his sidekick Nicolas Bay, also executive vice-president of the party founded by Éric Zemmour.

Anti-Europe and anti-immigration

It must be said that Jimmie Akesson’s trajectory has something to inspire both Lepenists and Zemmourists. The 43-year-old man has taken his party, heir to the racist organization Bevara Sverige Svenskt (BSS), from being a pariah of Swedish politics to that of a party perceived as respectable.

In terms of ideas, Jimmie Akesson actually has something to seduce his French counterparts. Slayer of the European Union (he was once like Marine Le Pen, a supporter of leaving the EU) and bearer of an anti-immigration policy, Jimmie Akesson is also very offensive on the subject of insecurity as on that of Islam.

Example with this exit of 2009, when he considered that the Moslems constituted the “greatest foreign threat since World War II”.

De-demonization model

The man with the square glasses and the perfectly groomed beard is also known to have undertaken a vast process of demonization. By first excluding neo-Nazis and other openly racist leaders from his party, then by playing the ordinary Swede card.

A process of trivialization which also went through a change of logo: a torch replaced by a flower.

Enough to reinforce Marine Le Pen – who has already had the name of the National Front changed – in her strategy of “normalization”, and to maintain her hope of replicating this success in France.

According to the results available on Monday morning, the Democrats of Sweden won 20.7% of the vote, thus becoming the leading right-wing party in the country.

A score which places the nationalist party in a position allowing it to ask (without necessarily obtaining it) for a place in the future of the government. According to the Swedish authorities, the final scores will be known by Wednesday.

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