The Queen of England has died at the age of 96, her son Charles succeeds her

The Queen of England has died at the age of 96, her son Charles succeeds her

The queen is dead, long live the king. Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, Buckingham Palace announced this Thursday, September 08, 2022. “The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and Queen Consort will stay at Balmoral tonight and return to London tomorrow,” the Royal Family said in a statement.

Elizabeth II: an extraordinary destiny

Ascended to the throne of England on the death of her father King George VI on February 6, 1952, Prince Charles’ mother is Britain’s longest-reigning sovereign in history.

When did Elizabeth II accede to the English throne?

If the name of Elizabeth II is now known to all, nothing predestined her to ascend the throne. At her birth, on April 21, 1926, the princess was only third in the order of succession behind her uncle Edward and her father, Prince Albert.

Fallen head over heels wallis simpsons lovera young American commoner having divorced twice, the young Edward VIII will however decide to abdicate in favor of his brother, the future King George VI, thus upsetting the life of Elizabeth II forever.

The Queen’s promise to her subjects

When his father died, it was very big heart that Elizabeth II, then just twenty-five years old, spoke to reassure her subjects. ” I will work tirelessly, like my father before me “, had then promised them the young sovereign. A promise she will never forget…

On March 14, 2022, the Queen had thus confided in a letter to the attention of the British: “ In this year of my platinum jubilee, I have had the pleasure of renewing the promise I made in 1947, that my life will always be dedicated to the service “.

The meticulously prepared coronation of Prince Charles

Indeed, despite her great age, Lilibeth – as she is nicknamed family memberse royal – always refused to abdicate. However, the coronation of Prince Charles and the protocol that follows from it were defined many years ago.

This operation was called Golden Orb, it is a mixture between what the tradition wants and the choices of the future king. It was organized by Stephen Lamport, the former private secretary to the Prince of Walesdetailed the royal biographer Christopher Wilson in the columns of The Dispatch. But this preparation goes far beyond the coronation, it is the first days of Charles’ life as king that are detailed there. “.

And the specialist adds: It’s unclear to what extent the Queen explains to her what the monarch should do, but a lot needs to be said in the halls of Buckingham Palace and Windsor “.

A monarchy in transition

A quiet and controlled transition therefore, as detailed by the expert Robert Jobson in the columns of the World in May 2022: “ We are experiencing a monarchy in transition, with Prince Charles as chief executive [de la famille royale]and in support of the Cambridge [le prince William et son épouse Kate] and the Wessexes [le prince Edward et son épouse Sophie]ensuring more and more
more public engagements, including official trips abroad “.

As early as 2018, the monarch had also expressed the “ sincere wish that Prince Charles succeeds him as head of the Commonwealth. On February 6, 2022, the date marking the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne, Elizabeth II also announced, against all odds, her wish that Camilla Parker Bowles will one day become queen consort.

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The disappearance of Prince Philip, a test for Elizabeth II

Since the disappearance of her husbandPrince Philip Mountbatten, April 9, 2021, Elizabeth II had only appeared in public on very rare occasions. And for good reason, in the midst of a health crisis, the monarch’s health had deteriorated.

If Buckingham Palace and its doctors wanted to be reassuring, his heirs, Prince Charles, but also his son, Prince William, and their respective wives, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Kate Middleton, had been charged on numerous occasions to replace the queen off the cuff on the occasion of royal festivities.

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