the production balances on its shock departure

Emmanuelle (L’amour est dans le pré) : la production balance sur son départ choc

Emmanuelle thought she had found the ideal man in Love is in the meadow. Expressing her wish to leave, she provokes the anger of the production‘!

All about the shattering departure of Emmanuelle

A priori harmless, this photo of two candidates of Love is in the meadow has made the rounds of the web. In fact, in addition to their shared passion for wine, Jean-Paul and his daughter Emmanuelle want to find a soul mate. Understanding that they will not be able to achieve this alone, they seek the benevolence of Karine Le Marchand. She who dreamed of atypical profiles, she is full of praise for them! Motivated like never before, the host joins forces with Cupid. Together, they will redouble their efforts so that the fairy tale replaces the gloomy daily life. Unfortunately, that obviously wasn’t enough to convince the vintage expert. Objeko make the point on this amazing twist!

Letters like no other

Each on their side, they answer without language of wood to the relevant questions of Karine Le Marchand. After the distribution of the portrait, it is now time to discover the content of the missives. Every season, viewers go through all the emotions. On the Web, the comments follow each other and are not alike. For his part, Jean-Paul prefers to take his time. On the other hand, Emmanuelle quickly realizes that she not on the same wavelength than his admirers. From faults to physical appearance, no one manages to stand out enough to organize a meeting in Paris.

When it’s time for speed-dating, Emmanuelle doesn’t go with the back of the spoon. Faced with a glued Karine Le Marchand, she confesses to him the pot of roses. On the other hand, that we do not count on the candidate to feel sorry for her fate. With a smile, she specifies that she will eventually find Prince Charming. Also, she goes to the obvious. This disappointment should not turn into trauma, but rather into an excuse to bounce back. “It will allow me to focus on guys, I don’t know, different from before. » That’s allObjeko wish him!

Production forced to intervene

In the press, the producer of Love is in the meadow looks back on this unprecedented moment. ” We weren’t going to force her. The idea is not to make her uncomfortable on a date Of course, it forced them to review their copy for the other candidates. Taking care not to reveal any spoilers, she suggests that the filming of Love is in the meadow is far from being a calm river. Suddenly she agrees to say a little more about the profiles who wanted to meet her. ” They were men who had children who were not of age. » Hidden from view and therefore from the cameras, Emmanuelle weighs the pros and cons. Very quickly, she expressed her wish not to “not do them [se] move for nothing. » Rest assured, it will of course be present on the balance sheet. Water has flowed under the bridge since, perhaps she has finally found the path to happiness? Continued in the next issue ofObjeko !

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