the poignant confessions of Sébastien Haller on his tumor

the poignant confessions of Sébastien Haller on his tumor

Sébastien Haller (28), Borussia Dortmund striker, spoke to ESPN about his fight against a testicular tumor detected this summer during pre-season preparation.

A gripping and moving interview. Sébastien Haller (28) confided in his fight against a tumor in the testicles to the Dutch version ofESPN. The player, balding by the effects of the treatment, quickly reassures: “I’m fine”. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy to combat the disease detected during the pre-season internship with Borussia Dortmund, his new club. “It’s a new situation for everyone, explains the Ivorian international. Especially for me and my family. I’m lucky to have a lot of people around me and a lot of support. I also have lucky enough not to feel bad. I can still walk every day and spend time with my family and friends so that everything is fine.”

After the announcement of his illness, Haller says he felt a kind of embarrassment vis-à-vis his new club, which he had joined a few days earlier from Ajax Amsterdam against 31 million euros. “The first thing I thought was: ‘I’ve only been here for ten days and I can’t even play for the club’, says the former Auxerrois. We’ve done a lot for this transfer. Everyone was happy and I really wanted to play. I was bought for thirty million euros and I can’t play for months. It doesn’t seem like a good deal, but if you think about it, you see that there’s nothing you can do about it. do. You couldn’t have avoided it.”

“When you hear the word (tumor), it’s shocking”

It also details the first symptoms experienced. “I had a weird feeling in my stomach, he explains. It didn’t hurt, it was just a weird feeling. Sometimes you think it will go away after a few days, but it doesn’t bother me. didn’t seem well. That’s why I decided to look at what was wrong. The first ultrasound was done at 9:00 p.m. and an MRI the next day at 9:00 a.m. Then it became a biopsy, because they saw it was a tumor. The tumor had been there for several weeks or maybe even a month or two. It’s something you can’t feel. In 24 hours, I did a lot of tests. We had to wait for the operation to see what it was exactly. They saw it right there. When you hear the word (tumor), it’s shocking.”

Since then, the former Utrecht and Frankfurt player has been facing heavy chemotherapy treatment. “With this treatment, you go to the hospital for five days and you are on an IV for 24 hours, he explains. You can’t move, you just lie in bed. Especially during these days, you lose muscle strength and fitness. The first day I came back I started walking and went to the gym. I think people in Amsterdam also saw me running in the woods My physio was there My wife and mom were there so I could eat well too I walk every day and check my body I haven’t lost that much after two weeks I’m even on the same level than a few months ago. It’s a good sign and I hope it stays that way. I feel very good.”

He wants to play against the “Yellow Wall”

He thanks the countless supports received and does not yet plan on a date to return to the field. “Let’s just say that it’s not the best time to take this step, because it will take me a few months, he concludes. The important thing is that I don’t lose too much muscle mass. I have to stay in shape and a month Before I get back on the pitch, I’m still going to work with the ball. Now the most important thing is that my body feels good. My first goal is to be back on the pitch. Play for ‘Le Mur Jaune’ and score my first goal. It will be a beautiful and emotional moment.”

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