The moving farewell to Jonathan Destin, “hero” of the fight against harassment

The moving farewell to Jonathan Destin, "hero" of the fight against harassment

Between 200 and 300 people gathered Monday morning in the Saint-Amand church in Marquette-lez-Lille for a last goodbye to Jonathan Destin, a figure in the fight against school bullying, who died on August 22 at the age of 27.

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In your short life, you had time to become a great man “. Jonathan Destinyfigure of the fight against school bullyingdied in his sleep on August 22. They were between 200 and 300 on Monday morning to have come to attend his funeral, and to listen to the painful and dignified words of his mother. ” You have become the mouthpiece of all voices silenced “. Sobs in the ranks, where many activists of the cause of which he had become the symbol had taken place.

“He absolutely wanted to avoid a second Jonathan”

Harassed at school, Jonathan Destin has indeed attempted in 2011 to set himself on fire before throwing himself into the Deûle. ” When the children saw him, by his impressive physique, it was like an electric shock “, explains Romain Debaisieux. Himself harassed in college, the young man embarked on prevention by becoming president of SOS Harcèlement 62. One day, he was invited to a radio show. It’s his first, he’s a little worried, especially since he has to share the microphone with Jonathan Destiny. ” But he had this ability to simply tell his story, that’s what makes him a hero. He had quite a shell, but he absolutely wanted to avoid a second Jonathan. We lose a lot of support “, he lets go.

He’s not the only one feeling like an orphan. At the back of the church, two astonishing profiles: biker jackets, shaved heads and abundant beards. They are members of Lag Spirit, “Ho-Norr” section, and are based in Douaisis. Harassment is also their main cause: when a case comes to their attention, they take care of the victim, change their air and restore their confidence. Last resort: a procession of Harleys moves in front of the establishment to support the harassed child. Guaranteed effect. Monday morning, the motorcycles are parked on the forecourt. ” We shared the same fight, so we wanted to be present. He didn’t hide things, he explained them, but without posing as a victim. Making people understand that you have to speak up when there is harassment, denouncing is the most difficult thing “, smiles sadly “Gimli”, president of this association of bikers.

“Some harassers realized how far all this could go”

It wasn’t easy for Jonathan either, despite the outward assurance. One day, he must intervene at the Sévigné high school in Tourcoing. ” He was a little shy, he stressed “says Fanny, who came to the ceremony with her comrades Pauline, Emma and Laura, all four aged 20 to 22.


But when he barely entered high school, ” people came to him spontaneously “, they say.

The Destiny Effect was immediate: that day, many harassed students recognized themselves in him, realized that they should not sink into silence and enjoy their lives; and some stalkers realized how far it all could go “. Through these high school girls, Jonathan Destin’s fight will continue. And as his mother said, you fought like a lion, today you can finally rest “.

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