the most trendy Mango models

the most trendy Mango models

Back to school 2022 ankle boots trend: what are the best models?

What Fashion Fans Love Most About back to school ? The change of dressing. No more light clothing, open shoes and anti-UV accessories. From now on, our wardrobe is focusing on valiantly more dressy and warm pieces, in order to regulate our body temperature in the face of cooler weather. Varsity jacket for a “back to school” effect, straight jeans, a little sweater to slip over your shoulders at the end of the day…but also (or even especially) leather ankle boots. A true must-have for back-to-school trends – just like the white basketball – ankle boots, whether in leather or faux leather, are the perfect accessory for getting back to the top of style.

Leg-lengthening heels or XXL soles, square, round or pointed toe, laced or zipped version, cowboy spirit or resolutely BCBG… with the leather ankle boot, be sure to find the perfect model adapted to your style, your moods and your desires. What is the ankle boot trend for back to school 2022? How to properly wear the leather ankle boot? Which model to choose from Mango ? What price ? Find the answers to your questions in the guide below.

Leather ankle boot star of the new season: the cowboy boot

It’s the most irresistible ankle boot of the season. Much more than a city shoe (or desert shoe, it depends), the cowboy boots is THE star of the moment. Worn by the most fashionable models such asEmily Ratajkowski, adored on social networks such as Instagram and TikTok, available in many ready-to-wear stores… the cowboy shoe is the must-have for the fall-winter season. At Mango, we’re totally a fan of the two-tone cow-spot patent model, which we’ll happily wear with our first outfits back at the office.

Cowboy leather ankle boots

Cowboy leather ankle boots



How to wear cowboy boots properly? With straight jeans tucked inside the boots, a small tank top and a cardigan or a jacket with great fringe. It may be hard to think automatically, but cowboy boots adapt to many styles. Chosen in a peppy color, the cowboy boot enhances the fashion fiber of a pastel empire dress, like the look ofEmma Chamberlain at the last Ganni fashion show.

Which suede ankle boot to wear?

It will be difficult to find a more classic than the suede leather or suede ankle boot at the start of the school year. September shoe par excellence, it is also often associated with the neo-bourgeois wardrobe. With its subtly pointed toe, the softness of its material and its small heel, it stretches a silhouette effortlessly. However, avoid wearing it on rainy days, to avoid damaging the material too quickly. At Mango, we recommend the block heel leather ankle boot, perfect with its side zipper and decorative seams.

How to properly wear the suede ankle boot? With a fluid pussy-bow blouse, high-waisted flare jeans, a beautiful black leather belt, and a pretty flap bag over the shoulder. For those who hate the flare cut, you can opt for a straight cut, the only cut of denim that sublimates all morphologies.

Ankle boots trend: and if we dared the rangers?

Who said that the back-to-school boot had to come with a heel? Certainly not the fashion buffs who do not hesitate to start the recovery with downright more rock’n’roll boots. Yes, this season again, the rangers will be everywhere. At Mango, we love the laced ankle boot with track sole. Golden buckle, padded strap…it’s a timeless model, designed for those who rarely do lace.

How to wear the rangers? With literally everything you will find in your dressing room. If the weather is nice, with a pretty pencil skirt and a low-cut white blouse. In case of rain, with jeans and a hoodie. Our favorite look? Combine your rangers with THE pants of the moment in the process of dethroning jeans: cargo, for an adventurous style.

Leather ankle boots: how to wear this flagship model for the new season?

Straight heel, pointed toe, jet black, mid-height. This is how, for many fashion lovers, the perfect back-to-school leather ankle boot is presented. Classic and timeless, it is displayed in all the windows when the month of September knocks on our doors. And yet, it is often difficult to find THE perfect pair. What if we told you that, this season, she was at Mango? Ultimate crush on the 100% leather ankle boot with low shaft, side zip, decorative stitching and 6 cm block heel. More than enough to span the last months of the year with panache.

How to wear the black leather ankle boot? The most trendy this season will be to mix the universes. Grunge with slightly oversized and ripped jeans, and preppy with a little preppy sleeveless sweater that you can put on over a nice striped shirt. Boots will do the rest of the work. That is to say, bring the touch of chic for a divine silhouette at the office.

Trendy leather boots and ankle boots: the pointed toe for a look at the top

It’s hard to get more chic than the pointed toe, a shape popularized in abundance during the 2000s and, still today, the definition of elegance. The reason: the “V” toe of the boot which lengthens the legs. If the square end is much more democratized in 2022, that does not mean that the pointed end has said its last word. On the contrary, many brands still use it to offer shoes in the era of time. At Mango, we love the zipped ankle boot with pointed toe and 8 centimeter curved stiletto heel.

How to wear the pointed toe ankle boot? With all that your dressing room will offer you “dressed to the nines”. A unisex trouser suit, a printed jumpsuit or, why not, by combining wide jeans and a slightly oversized suit jacket.

Square-toe leather ankle boots: the height of elegance

It’s a trend that we’ve seen a lot on Instagram in recent years, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. On the contrary, the square toe has become the symbol of modernity in terms of footwear, and ankle boots are no exception to this new era. Ultra-stylish Parisiennes like Jeanne Damas to fashion designers courted by the fashion sphere likeAmina Muaddi, all pay tribute to the square toe as soon as the cold seasons approach. What we prefer: its intrepidly contemporary side. It’s also a very versatile boot: if you can’t decide between the square and pointed toe, opt for an “elongated square”, like the Mango model below.

How to wear the square toe ankle boot? By adopting your best city look. Include: a well-cut checkered or houndstooth blazer, a very simple white t-shirt, light straight jeans that stop right at the ankles. Good to know: the square end has the power to break the too “eccentric” aspect of an outfit. It therefore goes perfectly with large high-waisted pants with holes, for example, or a total punk look.

Santiag: what if we tested the Far West inspiration at 100%?

It is a model that could make Lucky Luke jealous in person. We are talking here about the fringed cowboy boot. As imported from the 1970s during the Peace & Love period, the fringe is that “little extra” that makes all the difference on an outfit. On the sleeves of a leather jacket, on the seams of jeans or even in small touches on a pair of cowboy boots. At Mango, we found the model we’re going to want to wear until the end of winter: cowboy-style ankle boots with decorative fringes.

How to wear the fringed ankle boot? With a bit of audacity, by copying a recent look by Emily Ratajkowski in New York, namely: satiny white dress, immaculate corset and pretty pair of sunglasses. Nothing like boosting your fashion quotient. Obviously, if the weather is rainy, we advise you to start with the right basics. In other words: black pants, turtleneck and bomber jacket. Perfect for boosting your fashion quotient, and getting a youthful look.

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